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The Hottest Playboy Women of All Time

How does one select the prettiest flower at a rose garden? That is how I felt this morning as my boss asked me to write this piece. Ideally all women featured in Playboy are incredible hot. Sure, as far as ways to spend time working, browsing through the pages of Playboy is not a very tough day. But, figuring out who makes the list is a bit agonizing.

Does one rank on figure, cup size, tantalizing looks, devilish smile, roundness of her behind, or some combination of the above? How do you factor in Playmates of the Year? One would think that the hottest women in Playboy of all time would naturally be Playmates of the Year. Or would they?

Agonizing...truly agonizing.

In the end I did come up with a list. The women are all very hot. In my mind they are the hottest but if you disagree feel free to let me know. A lot of famous people made the list because seeing them nude after wanting too for so long was such a thrill.

The 10 Hottest Playboy Women of All Time

10. Naomi Campbell - December 1999 - The long leggy model has attitude and amazing curves. From the front and the back is even more amazing without clothes.

 9. Denise Richards - December 2004 - Yes she had just given birth a mere 5 months before, but to me that makes this even more of an accomplishment. I had wanted to see her nude ever since Wild Things and that damn pool scene.

 8. Rachel Hunter - April 2004 - Fresh off the video for "Stacy's Mom" Rachel completely makes the whole MILF thing work. The Australian supermodel made $1.8 million for the photo shoot and that was well spent money. The blindfold and knee-high boot photos - stunning.

 7. Cindy Crawford - July 1998 - Yeah, world famous super model with an amazing body decides to bare it all was an amazing event. Some of the photos ended up a bit artsy but damnit I don't care!

 6. Stacey Dash - August 2006 - It was a travesty that she wasn't on the cover. Nonetheless, the Clueless star has those curves and amazing eyes that earn her a spot on this list.

 5. Kelly Brook - September 2010 - Wow...just wow. This UK hottie is amazing. Great curves, perfect little breasts, and amazing lips help this actress make the Top 5.

 4. Victoria Silvstedt - December 1996 - This Swedish beauty finished 8th in the Miss World and then Hugh grabbed her for Playboy. She was also named Playmate of the Year in 1997. With those long legs (she is 5' 10") and great curves (36-25-36) I can't say I disagree.

 3. Jenny McCarthy - October 1993 - She won Playmate of the Year in 1994 and has been back many times. Back in the day Jenny was my girl because of those curves (38-24-34) and attitude. She actually sent pictures of herself in and was then invited for a photo shoot.

 2. Jodi Ann Paterson - October 1999 - She won the Playmate of the Year in 2000 and it was well deserved. The former Miss Oregon was in Dude, Where's My Car and with her Anglo-Saxon/Indonesian heritage I wish she was in more things.

 1. Pamela Anderson - October 1989 - Pam has been on the cover like 12 times. She is a staple of the brand and with damn good reason. Yet, she has never been the Playmate of the Year. With 36-22-34 curves I think people are smoking crack to not give her that award. But she easily wins here at Manwall.