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The Definitive Guide to Escorts

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, yet they never seem teach you how to use an escort service in school. Really that class should be right there with auto shop, wood shop, basic math and other the other things we actually use in life. No offense to history and geography, but I have a smart phone with Wikipedia and Google Maps so those classes were a crap loaded of wasted time I will never get back.

Now a class on stuff guys care about, like how to handle the tricky world of consensual pay-for-sex, would be a class that I would always have had perfect attendance in.

Manwall's Guide to Escorts

A sex professional is in many ways just like any other professional out there such as a lawyer or mechanic. The primary difference is that unless you are in Nevada is that there are laws making paying for sex illegal. However other than that it is relatively the same; you pay someone money for a specific service. The professionals all have various expertise and degrees of experience along with natural ability so some are better than others.

Now when it comes to escorts, most guys have no flipping clue how to go about finding one or even what is expected to happen. Not to worry as we have created a helpful guide to walk you through the process.

·       Why use a service - Paying for a relationship is not a bad thing and there should not be a negative stigma attached to it. Plenty of guys have recognized the advantages to utilizing escorts for companionship.  Most women who do escort work are good at it and enjoy it. They can be useful after a divorce or rough patch as a form of companionship. You can learn some excellent sexual techniques and help you sharpen your skills in bed. Plus sometimes it is nice to have a knowledgeable, attractive woman available for entertainment when you are traveling.

·       What is an escort service? - We aren't talking streetwalkers here or girls chained in brothels. An escort is a professional companion. Some utilize an agency while others freelance for themselves. They come to you to spend time with you whether that is dinner and talking, a weekend together, etc. Think about Pretty Woman and you should get the picture, even though Julia Roberts was playing a hooker their relationship was basically one of an escort and client.

·       Finding an escort - Craigslist used to have a great "Adult Services" section until some uptight prick in the Attorney General's office decided to cock block it. However there are quite a few great sites you can review. MyRedBook is a Bay Area site for people in California. There is also Naughty Reviews, BackPage, CityVibe, and ErosGuide. In the Eros Guide there are over 1000 escorts listed in New York City alone.

·       Contacting a service - Some have email options while others schedule the appointment over the phone and you end up meeting in person. Both options work well however email gives you the chance to flirt a bit more beforehand. Generally speaking a service or agency has a track record and reputation while a sole operator can be a bit more difficult to work with unless recommended by someone you know.

·       Before you meet - Honestly treat it like a date. Take the time to shower and groom appropriately. As you are paying good money for companionship you want her to still feel special and like a woman. Seriously, if you want a whore then find a hooker for a $20 blow in the alley. Plus the better you treat her, the better she will treat you...which is much better than a date because you know you are getting laid.

·       Her arrival - For a first meeting there will be the normal "feeling out" process where she tries to determine if you are a cop or psycho. Relax and act like you are on a blind date. Answer honestly if you have never used a service before so she understands why you are nervous and have an erection down your pant leg. Have some light refreshments and just let things run a natural course. Again if you are in a hurry then watch some porn alone; this is something that should be savored like a good cigar.

·       Naughty time - At some point, depending on what else you hired her for, you will get to sex. Typically she will ask if you "want to get comfortable". Now is not the time to be shy so figure out where it is going to happen. Some escorts might need you to get naked first to ensure you aren't a cop so make sure to oblige. More than likely after seeing your Adonis-like body she will strip naked and loose all control anyway, right?

·       Afterwards - It is a good idea to act like a gentleman after sex. Have a few towels available to clean up. Offer some water to help rehydrate after the marathon sex session. Let her use the bathroom and expect she might need to call her service to let them know she is done. Now is a great time to tip and pay if you haven't already. Also make sure you do a visual double check that she has all of her things.


·       Use a quality site like to find your escort.

·       Make sure to use an alias. Most escorts have fake names so you might as well too.

·       Do use your street smarts. No reason to get ripped off if you end up with a shady girl.

·       Think like a spy; use a throw-away phone and cash so you don't have to worry about a trail. Hotel rooms are much better ideas than your house, especially for a new escort.

·       Relax and enjoy it. Have a romantic, sexual encounter with a beautiful woman with no strings attached.

·       Do bring a few small scented candles and use them to light the room...just trust me on this one.

·       Be sensitive to her wants. Some women don't like certain things so be a gentleman and don't push it. If you specifically want something then hire the escort that does that.

·       Bring some lubrication and multiple condoms.

·       Buy condoms "for his pleasure". This is your party hoss...enjoy it.


·       Don't be an asshole. You could have just gotten a hooker for that.

·       Don't be embarrassed. She is a pro and has seen it all.

·       Don't ask to not use a condom...rookie move.

·       Don't try and force a hug and kiss when she leaves. If she wants to, she will.

·       Don't give up after a mediocre experience. My first auto mechanic wasn't very good either but that doesn't mean I stopped trying to find a good professional to lube my chassis.