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The Bro Guide to the Six-Pack

Let's face it, women like a nice set of abs on a guy. That is not to say that women don't admire other body parts as well (hint hint...the package), but it sure seems like a six-pack is to women what a nice set of boobs is to men.

Women are also known to admire nice shoulders, a big chest, well defined thighs, and of course the butt. Men are the same as we have guys who like legs while others go for the ass. But it really seems like a set of abs is universally admired by women and thought of as sexy. It is the center of your body and usually the first thing everyone looks at when you take off your shirt.

So if you want to get some more play for your pool cue, it might be time to invest a little time in changing that pony keg to a six-pack. Honestly, does your package really need a chubby sunshade?

The Awesome Six-Pack Workout

Ideally you want to work your abs twice a week. It is really easy to hit them on Monday and Thursday mornings when you first roll out of bed. This should give you adequate rest if you have a lot of sex on Friday and Saturday nights. Also working them by themselves in the morning will give you more focus instead of rushing off to hit the bench press.

Reps are done slowly and controlled, squeezing the muscles at contraction. This workout is designed to work your core including the abs which helps get a tighter overall look.

Perform these exercises in a circuit with 2 to 3 total passes:

·       Standing toe touches - 20 reps per side - Stand with your arms straight out to the side. Kick your right leg straight up in front of you to shoulder height while twisting your waist and bringing your left hand over to touch it then return to the start position.

·       Standard Plank - 30 seconds - A plank is like a push up position except you rest you weight on your forearms instead of your hands. You keep your core flexed to hold the position.

·       Side Plank - 30 seconds per side - Lie on your side with your forearm flat on the ground under your shoulder. Lift your waist up to straighten your body from your shoulder to your ankle with weight resting on the side of your foot and forearm.

·       Jackknife Crunches - 30 reps - This is a crunch where your use your arms and legs like a knife and as you crunch try and touch your fingers to your toes.

·       Bicycle Crunches - 30 reps - Lie on your back and do slow, twisting crunches while simultaneously bicycling your legs.

Along with having a nice looking stomach when the shirt comes off, toning up your core will help with sports as well as sex. In fact, there is no good reason not to be working your abs and core like this. Now to get the real six-pack you also need to watch your diet and do a little cardio. But we will save that instruction for another article. For now just get that midsection stronger and enjoy the benefits.