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The Best Strip Clubs in the World

Want something special for your Bucket List? Why not try and visit the noted Best Strip Clubs in the World? You might not be able to hit them all in a year. In fact, with the various locations around the globe as well as the possible debauchery expected at each spot you would be wise not to. A man should savor experiences such as these and not overload one's memory banks.

But stopping by 2 or 3 of these fair establishments in a year seems like a reasonable and reachable goal for a man and his bro's.

Now understandably we have not visited all of these establishments first hand (yet) as the Manwall travel budget seems to not include jet service for lap dances. But, that doesn't mean we won't try at some point to get the bird's eye view of what each and every one has to offer.

The Top 10 Strip Clubs in the World (in no particular order)

The Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club - Tijuana, Mexico - Weird right? The name alone will draw your attention. The ladies inside will keep it all night long. Open 24 hours a day this club boasts up to 100 ladies on the roster. Perfect for a bachelor party from So Cal, you can get some cold beers, warm lap dances, and then request a U.S. border pickup service to take you back home.

Christie's Cabaret - Phoenix, Arizona - The only bad thing I can say is that they close at 1am. But since they open at 11am you really have no excuse for not getting your needs met. With tons of hot chicks from nearby colleges to draw from this place features some amazing and enthusiastic girls (some of whom actually are putting themselves through school).

Club Kino - Stockholm, Sweden - Do I really need to say anything? Scandinavian girls who strip but consider the pole and the striptease as art forms to always be sexy and seductive. They have themes and private rooms, and hot Scandinavian women.

Spearmint Rhino - Las Vegas, Nevada - The best of the best in Las Vegas. Everyone who is anyone hits the Rhino and they have since back in the mob days. They are open 24 hours a day because sin never sleeps in Vegas and neither do strippers. This place ain't cheap with a $50 cover charge and $13 drinks you better bring you roll if you want to stroll.

Bon Bon - West Berlin, Germany - The wall is long gone and now porn has fully invaded Germany (they show it on TV starting at 10am). After paying the 10 Euro cover charge (which gets you a free drink) you get to enjoy the finest beauties on stage, on your table, and on your lap.

Bourbon Street Circus - Phoenix, Arizona - We have the same hot Arizona chick thing going on at the Circus plus they stay open till 2am. Overall this is a bargain delight with a low cover and cheap boozes to go with incredible hot ladies. They boast that all the girls have great boobs because men love boobs. Now that is smart marketing!

Savannah's on Hannah - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - This place gets the Ben Roethlisberger seal of approval plus they have a full bar. Other perks include a low cover and very friendly girls. They even host an amateur night and do body painting events.

Sapphire NYC - New York City, New York - Luckily this wonderful club is open until 4am so you have lots of chances to enjoy what they are offering. Many a famous dude has been here. They have bottle service and hot girls. Reservations are recommended for later nights and the weekends because these women draw a crowd. Heck they even show sporting events.

Sundowner - Niagara Falls, Ontario - This club truly is world famous. Need a spot for a bachelor party to go with a Niagara Falls Wedding? Look no further than the luscious Canadian ladies at the Sundowner who go down well after the sun does.

Cheetah - Atlanta, Georgia -Hotlanta cranks up the fun at the Cheetah. They offer a cheap valet and very good prices on dances which makes you want to stay a long time. Very stylish, very naked, and very fun with hot talent onstage.