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The Best 5 Apps For Dating

When Online dating first went mainstream, you would be a fool to be a single guy with no online presence on at least one site. Now dating apps are right at your fingertips and you are missing out if you hadn't tapped into the world of mobile dating. Not only do you have access to thousands of girls around you but they have already been narrowed down to the ones that are looking for guys right now. They will all match you based on various parameters but many will tell you the girls closest to your location and what they want to do - then just meet up and work your magic. Let's look at the top 6 best apps for dating.


1.OKCupid/Plenty of Fish: Tons of girls and they are both completely free. Just make a profile and browse or message thousands of girls around you. The OKCupid app will also show you girls in your vicinity and what they want to do if you want to meet up.

Pros: Tons of girls of all types, free, OKCupid shows you girls in your neighborhood that are also using the app.

Cons: Not all of the girls are really looking to meet anyone, many just make a profile to boost their ego or for the novelty because it's free.


2. Match: Just like OKCupid and Plenty of Fish, Match has a ton of girls that are already scouring the web for guys. Unlike OKCupid and Plenty of Fish, Match is a pay service which is both good and bad. No one wants to pay for yet another web service but because everyone has to pay the girls on Match are much more likely to actually meet you because they're not just looking for guys, they're paying money to find guys.

Pros: Claims to be world's largest dating service, pretty solid success rate, girls more eager to meet.

Cons: Pay service, fairly basic interface.

3. EHarmony: If you're looking to find "the one", EHarmony seems to be the place to do that. They match you up based on a long questionnaire that you answer when you sign up. It's billed as the service for people looking to find a serious relationship and it's a pay service so that's what the women on there are looking for.

Pros: High success rate, women eager to be in a long-term relationship, good matching algorithm.

Cons: Pay service, basic interface without much but messaging and browsing.


4. Skout: Unlike the above services, Skout isn't a full web dating service with an app, it's an app that helps you find girls right in your neighborhood or nearby and tells you what they want to do right at that moment. Skout also let's you "Wink" and "Send Gifts" to girls before starting a conversation.

Pros: Finds girls right nearby, no need to come up with a place to take her if she's already telling you where she wants to go.

Cons: Pay service where you pay for number of messages or a subscription to the Pro service.


5. Dating DNA: This basic web and mobile service is all about how you match up. Dating DNA does just that, determine how compatible your "dating DNA" is. Aside from the profile, there is a lot of focus on your match score, ranked from 1-10. Otherwise, it just let's you send messages.

Pros: Free service after initial $5 cost, unlimited messages, matches you based on your likes/dislikes/interests.

Cons: Costs $5 to become a member, limited capabilities on the iPhone, very basic service.