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The 15 Laws of Relationships: Part 1

No matter how great your relationship is or how comfortable you feel, every relationship has specific laws that everyone has to adhere to in order to make them function. Just like you get busted for speeding on a seemingly empty highway because you got too comfortable, your awesome relationship can be stopped in its tracks if you don't pay attention. Here are 7 of our 15 laws of relationships to keep you out of relationship prison.


1. The Golden Rule: It's called the Golden Rule for a reason and it applies to all relationships and interactions, not just romantic ones. Do unto her as you would have her do unto you. You know, reciprocate. Or, what goes around comes around. Both are applicable.


2. Two people to a relationship: Come on kids, these things always seem like fun to start but a relationship is instinctively and biologically between two people. Any more is a crowd. If you want to mess around, by all means, don't stop at two. But if you want a strong relationship, leave your Caligula fantasy for the shower drain.


3. Keep friendships and relationships separate: You need to hold on to your friends once you enter a relationship for two reasons. First, you need to spend time with other people just to keep your sanity. Second, you need someone to bitch about your girlfriend or wife to.


4. Don't compare it to past relationships: Just like snowflakes and vaginas, no two girls are identical. You wouldn't ask Tim Tebow to do what Jeremy Lin does, don't expect one girl to completely take the place of another in every way, just enjoy what she has to offer.


5. Keep costs reasonable: Odds are you are the one paying for most things in your relationship. That's fine if you're fine with it but make sure to keep costs reasonable so you don't go broke on buying dinners and gifts.


6. Make the gesture: As guys, we assume girls know how we feel about them but we forget that most are usually insecure and in need of frequent reinforcement. Don't assume she knows you love her, think she's pretty, or don't think her ass looks fat in that dress today just because you said it yesterday.


7. Never get too comfortable or complacent: Don't forget why she liked you in the first place and don't stop doing it. Just because you've settled in and you're comfortable doesn't mean she no longer cares.


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