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The 10 Worst Trades of the Last Decade

The NFL offseason is kicking off, the NBA trade season is heating up, and MLB teams are scrambling for last minute additions. It's trade time in America and General Managers are wracking their brains for a way to each other off. Hopefully for those teams, they don't make the same mistakes as these 10 teams that pulled off the worst trades in the last decade.


10. Want $55 Million to Take Up Space? - Eddy Curry to Knicks for 7 Players

The Knicks have a history of terrible moves but few top their Eddy Curry disaster. Looking to trade for a top-notch center, the Knicks instead found Curry who had just averaged 16 points and 5 rebounds a game. How much did it cost them (outside of the $55 million they had to pay him)?


Tim Thomas, two-first round picks who ended up being Joakim Noah and the other LaMarcus Aldridge, two-second round picks, and two bench guys. After three mediocre years, Curry missed three straight seasons while still being paid $10 million a season.


9. Nah, Drew Brees Will Never Amount to Much - Dolphins Trade for Culpepper Rather Than Sign Brees
Following the 2005 season, the Dolphins were favorites to sign Drew Brees. But they were worried about his hurt shoulder and opted to trade for Daunte Culpepper instead. Culpepper lasted just four starts on the Dolphins before getting hurt and eventually being let go. Drew Brees has since won a Super Bowl and broke all of Dan Marino's records.


8. The Mets Smell Success, Rush To Avoid at All Costs - Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano

In the early 2000s, the Mets had come across a can't-miss high school prospect named Scott Kazmir. For years, the front office said he was “untouchable.” No offer was good enough to snatch him away from the Mets. Until the Rays offered Victor Zambrano, who was solid at best. Kazmir went on to have a 3.83 ERA and led the league in strikeouts per 9 innings over five years on the Rays while the oft-injured Zambrano went just 8-14 with a 4.46 ERA and 1.50 WHIP and started just 35 games in three seasons.

7. You Know What We Need? A 35-Year-Old Alonzo Mourning. - Raptors Trade Vince Carter for Scrubs

Back in a different era when the Raptors were relevant, they had a beast named Vince Carter. Sensing they should invest in crappier players, the Raptors sent Carter to New Jersey for Alonzo Mourning, Aaron Williams, and two first-round picks who ended up being lousy Renaldo Balkman and lousy Joey Graham. Meanwhile, Vince Carter averaged 24+ points and 6 rebounds in five seasons on the Nets.

6. No One Has Ever Needed a Catcher THIS Bad - A.J. Pierzynski to Giants for Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano, and Boof Bonser

By anyone's account, A.J. Pierzynski is an average catcher. So it made more than a few people scratch their heads when the Giants wanted him so bad that they gave up Joe Nathan (now one of the best closers in the league), Francisco Liriano (one of the best young starters in the league), and Boof Bonser. Pierzynski lasted just one season on the Giants, batting .272 and hitting 11 home runs.

5. The End of the Chunky Soup Era - Redskins trade for Donovan McNabb

When Philly decided to move on to Michael Vick, Mike Shanahan thought it'd be a fun idea to grab the aging Donovan McNabb for two draft picks. It didn't go well. Shanahan was quick to bench McNabb and ultimately get rid of him after he started just 13 games (after signing a big $78 million deal) and won just five of them.

4. Marlins trade Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis for 6 Prospects, 7 Years of Head Shaking
It's rare to stumble across young players as good as Miguel Cabrera and it's even more rare that a team would move bundle someone like that with a top pitcher (back then, anyway) Dontrelle Willis and ship them to Detroit. The Marlins got back Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, and four guys who never panned out. Maybin played just 144 games over three seasons in Florida, batting just .257. Andrew Miller started just 41 games over three seasons for a combined 10-20 and 5.89 ERA. Miguel Cabrera has a .322 average and 461 RBI over four seasons on the Tigers.


3. A White Receiver? It'll Never Happen. - Miami Trades Away Wes Welker

When he was stuck in Miami, Welker was just a solid kick returner and mediocre receiver. Until Bill Belichick saw his potential and stole him away for just a second-round draft pick. Welker has since caught for 6,100 yards and 31 touchdowns in five seasons on the Pats.

2. Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young to Padres for Handful of Sporting Goods Coupons

Adrian Gonzalez was always a can't-miss guy and it was nothing but moronic when the Rangers traded the young first baseman (along with up-and-coming pitcher Chris Young) to the Padres for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka. Otsuka lasted just two seasons before retiring while Eaton managed just 13 starts and a 5.12 ERA in his lone season on the Rangers. Since being traded, Gonzalez has a .297 average, 188 home runs, and 618 RBI over the last six seasons.

1. The Most Expensive Rental Ever - Expos Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, Brandon Phillips for 3 Months of Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon was a very solid pitcher, sure. But to rent Bartolo for just 17 total starts, the Expos sent top prospects Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore, and Brandon Phillips to Cleveland. Cliff Lee has since won 119 games with a 3.65 ERA over 8 seasons (including one Cy Young year), Grady Sizemore is a three-time All-Star, and Brandon Phillips is arguably second only to Chase Utley among National League second basemen. Meanwhile, Montreal no longer even has a team.