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The 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2012

This year was already going to be huge for the video game world with the upcoming release of the Playstation Vita and the Nintendo Wii U but the massive amount of highly anticipated sequels to the biggest video game franchises in the world should make even the most lukewarm gamer pee a little from the joy. Get your headsets ready and call in sick to work because this year our thumbs will be too sore to file those TPS reports in the morning. Here are the 10 most anticipated video games of 2012:

10. Diablo III

The highly anticipated sequel over a decade in the making brings you right back to Sanctuary, the world you saved a mere 20 years ago. This time, you must travel the two destruction-torn continents to defeat Azmodan and Belial. The environment is completely destructible and will feature a Hardcore mode (as it did in Diablo II) and a sick looking multiplayer mode.

Release Date: Spring for PC and Mac
9. Borderlands 2

The original Borderlands was the first "role-playing shooter" and blew up selling over four million copies. The upcoming sequel picks up five years later as you (as one of the four playable characters) have to rescue the vault hunters from the first game from Hyperion. Not much on the multiplayer mode yet but the game will definitely feature a four-player online co-op mode.

Release: September for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC
8. UFC Undisputed 3

Unlike all the other annual sports games, the UFC Undisputed franchise doesn't just produce the same game each time. With just two games under their belt, the good folks at Yuke's are still making drastic improvements to the game each year. The new version features Pride Mode, a new submission system, more realistic striking, fighter entrances, and a huge array of small tweaks that definitely add up to an awesome fighting game.

Release: February for PS3, XBox 360
7. Far Cry 3

The third installment of the Far Cry franchise takes place on an island again - but this one is ten times larger than the previous versions. This time, you are a tourist stranded on an island and have to reunite with your girlfriend while dealing with the nutty people who have been stuck on the island for years.

Release: September
6. Mass Effect 3

The final game of the Mass Effect trilogy takes place throughout the entire galaxy. ME3 will follow Commander Shepard as he tries to save the galaxy from the Reapers while taking on Cerberus. The game features a redesigned combat system and improved AI as well as a multi-player co-op mode.

Release: March for PS3, XBox 360, and PC
5. Street Fighter x Tekken

If you need a break from the plot driven massive games on this list and just want to mash some buttons, this is the game for you. Players will be able to use both Street Fighter and Tekken controls to perform combos. The characters include 20 fighters from each game as well as 12 fighters only available on the PS Vita version and 5 Capcom characters available on the PS3 version.

Release: March for PS 3, Playstation Vita, xBox 360
4. Max Payne 3

With a new developer and new writer, the Max Payne franchise takes a more Rockstar Games approach in the third game. This time, Max Payne is starting a new chapter in his life and leaves New York for Sao Paulo, Brazil. Working as a security guard for a wealthy family, Max is pulled into the shadowy underworld of Sao Paulo when the wife of his client is kidnapped. The game will also feature an overhauled multiplayer mode and interactive cut scenes.

Release: May for PS3, XBox 360, and PC
3. Assassin's Creed III

Technically the fifth installment of the Assassin's Creed franchise, this game will star a brand new protagonist in a completely different setting. The game is still being completed but UbiSoft CEO (who has sold more than 7 million copies of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) expects this to be the biggest game in the company's history and complete the trilogy.

Release: October for PS3, XBox 360, PC, and Wii U.
2. Resident Evil 6

The biggest horror franchise returns with a game set all the way in...2013. This time, you must save China, the United States, and the whole world from an outbreak of bioterrorist attacks. As with previous versions, the game will feature a co-op mode and a multiplayer mode.

Release: November
1. Grand Theft Auto V

The newest installment of Grand Theft Auto brings us back to Los Santos and beautiful Southern California with an environment that is bigger than ever. Though much of the game is still being kept under wraps, including an official release date, the game is expected to feature a multiplayer mode, a more interactive environment, the return of planes, and maybe even the same MotionScan face-scanning technology as we saw in L.A. Noire.


Expected Release: Late 2012