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Ten Things That Will Get You Laid

What if I were to tell you that there are ten things on this earth that can get you laid? Would you believe me?

Of course you would, if you are a guy that is. Why? Because all men want to believe that there is some universal hidden secret that can be employed to unlock the pants of any woman. Let's call it the 'golden touch.'

Men have tried pheromones, fat diamonds, and all sorts of other gimmicks to catch the eye of the fairer sex and then get into their pants. But nothing seems to work all the time; until now. That's right, after years of scientific research and countless focus groups we here at ManWall have discovered the secret! Okay, really we just figured this out during a 3-hour lunch at a Martini bar, but still it seems pretty solid.

Here are the Ten Things That Will​ Get You Laid:

1. A Guitar - Ever notice in the bands that the singers and guitar players get the chicks? That is because music is a way to a woman's panties. If a guy can sing or play a love song on a guitar suddenly he is deep and passionate which equates to getting laid. Plus, all that practice on fingering notes really helps when you are fingering something else.

2. A Classic Car - Muscle cars and other classics are the tits. Not every woman appreciates a classic over a current nice car, but for those who do that 68 Mustang is a golden ticket to at least some heavy petting. A woman hopes that if you take such good of a car then you will similarly take good care of her. Plus working on cars is manly and chicks dig manly men.

3. Abdominals - To be fair usually if you have a 6-pack then the rest of your body is typically in shape. But no bones about it, taking off your shirt to show off a washboard will get you at least one girl in the immediate area thinking about more than the tumble dry cycle.

4. Confidence - I've said it before and I'll say it again, confidence gets you laid. A man who is calm, cool, and collected is naturally assumed to know how to handle his business and a girl likes a guy who can handle that business.

5. A Motorcycle - We aren't talking a dirt bike or crotch rocket; no we mean some classic steel. Unless you are wearing shorts and sneakers it is hard not to look like somewhat of a bad-ass on a Harley. Don't be that weekend warrior wearing the geek clothes though. Go with the boots, jeans, and leather. Plus you can usually get a girl in the mood just by letting her sit on your bike while it is running.

6. Dressing Cool - This doesn't mean keeping up with the most recent stupid trend like being a hipster. More that you dress well all the time no matter what the situation. Ladies like a man who looks good and dressing is a big part of that. If you need to suit up then do so.

7. A Good Smile - That's right, having good teeth get you laid (sorry British dudes). I can't even count how many girls have told me what a turn on a nice smile is. That means clean, white teeth that are straight with no chunks of food in them. Keep in mind they are thinking about where they are going to let that mouth go...

8. Being Funny - You don't have to be the life of the party all the time, but funny dudes get girls. Women like to laugh and there is no easier way to get a girl alone than by being funny and entertaining enough that she is more than willing to ditch the party for you. Don't believe me? Jim Carrey bagged Laure Holly, Laurie Holden, January Jones, Anine Bing, Renee Zellweger, and Jenny McCarthy.

9. Being Dangerous - That doesn't mean you have to rob banks or get in fight at the bar but let's face it, nice guys finish last. Dudes that ride motorcycles, go sky diving, rock climb, travel, and do other stuff that seems exciting and dangerous have an edge to them or a wild side that just attracts women like a bear to honey.

10. Good Friends - Want to know what can sell any guy to any girl? His friends. If you have a solid crew that has fun and has your back they can easily get you laid. Generally, girls see a guy who knows how to have a good time as the type that they can take back to the bedroom (or car, or alley, etc) for a good time, if you know what I mean. Plus when you are out and about and find a group of girls it helps to have a wingman or two to choose from.

Does other stuff get you laid? Sure having tons of cash and sports cars will get you plenty of cheap, gold-digging-ass. But if you already had that then you would be busy going to pound town and not reading this article.