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Ten Things Every Guy Should Own


There are certain things in life a Bro needs to have. We aren't talking basic necessities to survive in the wild like a hunting knife or the useful stuff to have in the house like toilet paper; we mean essentials to having fun.

When your boys call up and say, "Hey, let's go...." You should be able to go in your closet, grab your gear, and tear some shit up. So for those who don't know, or are massively underprepared, we made a list for you.

10 Things You Should Own

1.     Golf Clubs - It doesn't matter if you suck at the game or not; golf is a social occasion with bro's.

2.     Poker Set - A good set of cards and chips will last a long time and always ensures you and the boys have something to do.

3.     Tool Set with a Cordless Drill - No explanation needed.

4.     Mountain Bike - Outdoors, exercise, and fun. Sounds like a recipe for awesome!

5.     BBQ or Grill - Duh, get one or lose your man card.

6.     Fishing Rod - See above.

7.     Valid Passport - Because you never know when hitting Mexico for the weekend might happen.

8.     A Tailored Suit - Gotta look good for those big moments in life.

9.     Jumper Cables - Lend a bro (or damsel) a hand.

10. A Good Attitude about Life - Because it doesn't matter what the hell you have in your closet if you aren't going to have fun and enjoy yourself when you use it.

If you have all of this stuff then you should be pretty ready for no matter what life throws at you. Are there other great things to have? Sure, but this is a great starting point; like a blueprint for bro basics!