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Summer Sports Bros Love

Every guy loves the summer. The sun’s out, it’s hot and girls are walking around in skimpy clothes. When you’re inside your air-conditioned workspace it’s hard to not look outside just to see what’s going on (even when it’s raining). When 5 o’clock hits on Friday’s during the summer, it’s time to get your ass outside and start having some fun.


There’s one rule every bro should follow during the summer and that’s to be outside as much as possible. Life is just better when you’re outside so take advantage of your weekends with some summer sports that bro’s love. Summer sports are different from the usual sports guys love to play. For example, we enjoy playing basketball and football throughout the year but lets be honest you don’t want to collapse from heat exhaustion in the middle of the game.


How does having fun while staying nice and cool sound to you? It’s music to my ears, so here are the top five ‘bro sports’ you can take on this summer. Enjoy!


1. Surfing. After hitting puberty it’s easy to see how boogie boarding is no longer the cool thing to do at the beach. Invest some money into buying a surfboard. You’ll be surprised how many girls notice you walking on the beach when you carry one. Looking good is one thing but paddling out and catching waves is something that takes practice and physical strength. If your balance isn’t that great ask one of your bro’s for some help but you might want to practice away from the crowd.


2. Wake Boarding. Like comparing boogie boarding to surfing, wake boarding can also be compared to water skiing. There’s always ‘that guy’ who has a pair of water skis instead of going wake boarding. You definitely don’t want to be ‘that guy.’ Take a trip to the nearest lake or bay, get on a boat and give it a try. Like surfing, wake boarding requires a lot of balance and physical strength. Start slow, work on standing up and getting used to the boat’s wake - before you know it you’ll be cruising behind the boat!


3. Jet Skiing. Bro’s consider this a sport so stop thinking it’s not one. Jet skis are a very common water activity (especially if you go away to the Caribbean) so if you have never been on one stop reading right now. Just kidding but seriously if you or your friends don’t own one try renting a jet ski for the day. These things are meant to go fast and make people jealous so don’t be afraid to show off. Bring a girl for a ride - she gets to wrap her arms around you while your driving!


4. White Water Rafting. If you have ever gone white water rafting with your buds there’s a good chance you still talk about it to this day. Get ready for a fun and intense day on the river. The rapids might make you shit your pants but you’ll have one hell of a time.


5. Fishing. This is in our bible. I’m not going to tell you to go out and buy a fishing rod and gear because you should already have them. If you’re on a boat – go big or go home. Nothing beats the time my college buds and I rented a boat for a deep-sea fishing trip. Shark or tuna fishing is my recommendation (you will see why this sport is loved by bro’s). If you get sea sick, try fishing from the beach. All you need is bait, a rod holder and some cold beers next to your beach chair. One time my friend and I got drunk and forgot to put bait on the hook. This proves you don’t have to catch a fish in order to have a great time!