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The Best Spring Break Destinations

Every college student has to experience spring break at least once. If you’ve gone away with your friends on a spring break, you already know what I’m talking about. I’ll never forget the time my college buds went to Cancun a few years ago. I guess you can say that I popped my spring break cherry because after that vacation I was referring to it as ‘the best week of my life.’

As soon as you experience/survive a week of hot college girls, partying until the sun comes up and not waking up in your hotel room, you’ll see why so many people cherish this week of spring. “Remember during spring break…” will be a majority of the conversation starters you will have with your friends years after you guys went away. Don’t believe what you hear on TV because what happens during spring break never ends up staying in spring break – you will brag about the shit you did as soon as you get home, but don’t be like me and tell too many people what went down in paradise. That can blow up in your face, especially if it comes out in front of the girl you’ve been dating back home.

It’s not too early to start thinking of places to go during spring break and it’s a lot better when you don’t have to deal with last minute plans and expensive airfare. The solution to getting the best spring break deals and information can be found on

College students from all over the country use StudentCity to make sure their spring break experience is one that they’ll never forget! Here are the top eight places to go and what to expect when you get there - prepare to party your ass off. Remember bros, you want to come back with an epic story so always try to accomplish one of these things while you're on spring break; stay drunk for 24 hours, have a threesome and judge a bikini/wet T-shirt contest…

Here are the top 8 spring break destinations:

8. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Where to stay? Krystal Puerto Vallarta

Perks: Big pool, swim-up bar and great spa/massages.

Where to party? Collage, Mandala & Hilo

What to expect: Light shows, girls dancing on the bar, foam parties, cage and pole dancers and lighted dance floors!

7. Negril, Jamaica

Where to stay? Travellers Beach Resort

Perks: Famous StudentCity daytime spring break parties, sparkling pool with swim-up bar and poolside DJ.

Where to party? Risky Business, The Jungle, Margaritaville & Fun Holiday

What to expect: Pool parties, water trampolines, swim-up bars, volley ball courts & rock climbing, live reggae music, wet T-shirt contests and great late night bar food!

6. Acapulco, Mexico

Where to stay? Grand Hotel Acapulco

Perks: All-inclusive, happy hour pool parties and it’s the spring break hot spot in Acapulco.

Where to party? Ibiza, El Alebrije, Palladium & Pure Nightclub

What to expect: Mardi Gras parties, stadium-style views of the dance floor, fireworks rainshow, live performances, laser and light shows and world class DJ’s!

5. Nassau, Bahamas

Where to stay? Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino

Perks: Onsite casino open 24/7, water sports, multiple bars, nightclub and inexpensive cab rides to shops and nightlife.

Where to party? Cocktails & Dreams, Club Waterloo & Senor Frogs

What to expect: Cash prize spring break contests, multiple floors, 4 bars, on the water and StudentCity Mardi Gras parties!

4. Punta Cuna, Dominican Republic

Where to stay?  Barcelo Dominican Beach or IFA Villas Bavaro

Perks: 12 different shows, 3 pools with swim-up bars and an onsite nightclub that’s open “until you can’t stand,” or, 3 multi-level pools (2 with swim-up bars), Punta Cana’s only Jacuzzi bar and an onsite nightclub open til’ 4am.

Where to party? Imagine, Jellyfish & Mangu Disco Bar

What to expect: Chaotic atmosphere, themed rooms, electric dance floors, “Heaven & Hell” themed parties, beach parties with bon fires, outdoor dancing, top house music DJ’s and they stay open until the sun comes up!

Proof it’s a great time…

3. Panama City Beach, Florida – No passport needed!

Where to stay? Paradise Palms Inn

Perks: Spring break contests, club discounts and poolside DJ.

Where to party? Club La Vela, Hammerhead Fred’s & Sharky’s Beach Club

What to expect: Largest club in the USA, pool decks, spring break contests, Wet & Wild contests, foam parties, beach parties, thong Thursdays and ladies night on Sundays!

Proof it’s a great time…

2. Las Vegas, Nevada – No passport needed!

Where to stay? The Palms Resort & Casino

Perks: Ghostbar: An open-air deck with amazing 180-degree views of the Vegas Strip. PlayBoy Club: Hot bunnies, casino and dance floor. Moon: A high-energy dance club with a retractable roof.

Where to party? (Aside from all three mentioned above) Rain Nightclub & Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

What to expect: Fourteen-foot fire balls inside the club, elevated dance floors, dancing water fountains, world-class DJ’s, Rehab’s famous Sunday pool party, Vanity nightclub and poolside DJ’s!

1. Cancun, Mexico

Where to stay? Oasis Cancun Resort

Perks: StudentCity Headquarters, all-inclusive, biggest pool in Cancun, number one spring break hotel and rooms big enough to throw parties in them.

Where to party? The City, Dady’O, Bulldog, Senor Frog’s

What to expect: Open bar drink specials, Heaven & Hell themed party, home of StudentCity concert series (performers like Akon, 50 Cent, Fat Joe, T-Pain & Fergie), world-class DJ’s, live performances, dancing on bars, bikini contests, indoor hot tubs and indoor water slides!

Proof it’s a great time…