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Rules of Being a Man

Important rules every guy should be aware of and adhere to if he wants to succeed in the world.


Let me preamble by saying that plenty of guys will succeed in spite of or even regardless of the rules that we are about to talk about. However, with that being said there are some very basic rules that every guy should be aware of and do his best to follow.

Now things aren't going to get all biblical with commandments that you need to follow to ensure you get into the pearly gates of Heaven, but if you want to get into her pearly gates and gain the respect of the people around you then you might want to pay attention.

Manwall's Rules of Being a Man

1.     Always be a gentleman - You can and will never go wrong by exhibiting good manners and being a gentleman. Holding open a door, picking up the check, properly introducing people, being polite, making good eye-contact while talking, and having a good handshake are all examples of this rule. Many of the greatest men held the qualities of a gentleman in high regard.

2.     Enjoy every moment - Far too many men get caught up in the day to day aspects of living which usually involves a lot of responsibility and work. While that is important, you need to remember not to take things for granted and enjoy every moment. That means kissing your girlfriend or wife just because you like to kiss her, rescheduling cleaning the gutters to play softball with the boys, or making sure work doesn't get in the way of seeing your kids' first baseball game.

3.     Be adventurous - Men have always been adventurers, explorers, daredevils and the like. Obviously there are various degrees to which you might lean, but you need to be willing to put it all out there when the situation arises. Real men embrace adventure.

4.     Treat women like potential girlfriends - That means be nice, flirt a little, and always seem interested in what they are saying. You will be amazed at how you are perceived. Of course there is a line you don't want to cross unless you really are trying to date them. Remember, just because she isn't your type doesn't mean she doesn't have a friend who is.

5.     Honor your friends and family - A true friend is a rare commodity. You will have acquaintances and associates over the years, but real friends are different and should always be treated as such. Family falls into the same boat. That means being there when they need you because you care. At the end of the line your funeral is going to be attended by your real friends and family so do you best to make sure they remember you well or it will be a lonely occasion.

6.     Be responsible - A man should always be responsible. That doesn't mean not being fun, but instead ensuring that if something happens you are ready to be held accountable for it. Two perfect examples are drinking and sex. Never drink and drive and unless you want kids with that girl (or possibly a VD) put on a condom.

7.     Be helpful - This is similar to being a gentleman, but in a different way. You will go through life and see many situations where you, or someone else, could help out in a situation but choose not to. For example, you might see someone stuck in an intersection with car trouble. Be the man that pulls over and helps push the car out of the way then offers assistance.

8.     Never cheat - This means on a girlfriend, on a test, with someone else's girlfriend, or to get ahead at work. It never ever, ever...ever works out well. There are no, "But what if..." scenarios that work out well. Let's look at some famous cheaters and see how they are getting along: Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong. Even if you are single and she is married you are doing wrong and you never want to be "that guy". Think about it, how would you feel about the guy who slept with your wife?

9.     Learn to cook - Real men know how to cook things other than just barbeque. You don't have to be a full blown gourmet but you should be able to make dinner (or breakfast if you are lucky) without blowing up the kitchen.

10.  Are groomed - Some guys manage to get away with looking like a grizzly bear but for the most part a real man should be willing to put in some effort in his appearance. Now this doesn't mean you have more products that your girlfriend or spend more time in the bathroom, but you should smell good and look good unless engaged in sports, outdoor activities, or building something.


You can probably think of examples of when people have broken these rules and what has been said about them. In most cases it is probably not flattering. But that is why we have this help as a guide of things you should consider in how you live your life and the kind of guy/bro/boyfriend/husband/dad you want to be.

Are there other rules you should be aware of? Of course, but none are more important to being a real man than these ten. Have more to add to the list? Post a comment and keep the conversation going!