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Road Trips! - The Bro Guide


A good road trip is the epitome of all things awesome. The goal is adventure and good times (which really should be your goal for life). But the nice thing about a road trip is that it always takes you out of your element to do it.

You can't see the world from your couch no matter how good the web cams are or what the definition of the video footage is. Life is meant to be lived so grab some Bro's and get the hell out there and do it!

Not sure where to start? No worries, there is a Bro Guide for that.

Who Goes?

This is the absolute numero uno key to any trip; who is going on it with you. Nothing can make a trip better or worse than the people you go with. The type of people coming need to be a good fit for the trip. Don't take a bunch of non-party people to Vegas. Do take a bunch of outdoors type of people who love adventure white water rafting. Consider peoples personalities, interests, and current frame of mind. If your Bro just got dumped by a girl two days ago do you really want to be stuck in a car for 5 hours with his moody ass? Hell no.

If you do have problems then work them out before the trip even starts.


This is the second big key - what the heck are you going to do? Recommendations for road trips include sporting events, concerts, destination spots (Las Vegas), adventures (white water rafting), and one of a kind locations (Grand Canyon). The whole reason for the road trip is to get somewhere specific and then have a kick-ass time. Of course having a kick-ass time getting to and from said location is also encouraged.

Trip Needs

Money, maps, auto club, and clothes. Sometimes a good tour book can help depending on the area. This list can get bigger depending on where you are going but those are the absolute essentials. Camping trips need camping gear. Some trips need bathing suits and towels. Really it depends on where you are going and what you are doing. But you need to have stuff to have fun, it needs to fit in the car, and you need room for the passengers. A good list will go a long way to make sure you don't forget the essentials. Then do a quick pre-pack to make sure that crap fits and you are good to go!

Other Stuff

You gotta have music. Trips get really boring without some seriously good tunes. A deck of cards, some dominoes, maybe even dice can go a long way to help as well. Some people recommend figuring out fun car games like, "Would you bang that chick?" but that is up to you.

Save Money

Seriously be a total tightwad. Stay at cheap places, use Orbitz and Travelocity to book last minute stays at hotels and save money. Totally destroy the free buffet breakfast. That will leave more money for awesome lunches and dinners at cool establishments. Don't waste money on cheap souvenirs and junk tourist traps. Save that hard earned cash for stuff that matters like strippers.

Have Fun

This can get really overlooked but any trip is exactly what you make it. If you have good people with you to go with a great attitude then anything can be fun. Don't be a pussy. Try anything once. Live for the day. If you can keep all of that in mind along with, "What can I do to make this anymore awesome?" then you will be fine. Now go tear some shit up.