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Porn Sites vs. Free Dating Sites

In the long line of arguments that have plagued man, is there one more closely argued than porn sites vs. free dating sites? Just like those people who discuss such heady topics as less filling vs. tastes great or boobs vs. ass, the discussion of porn sites vs. free dating sites is always hotly contested and often people come to blows over the matter with no clear cut winner.

Or is there?

Let's break down the argument Manwall style and look at the positive aspects of each site before coming to a final conclusion of this epic debate once and for all!

Porn Sites

·       Easily Accessible - There are tons of sites out there that you can visit anonymously from the privacy of your computer, phone, or tablet.

·       Endless Options - Oh, you want to see a girl in a cat woman costume having sex with a dwarf and a she-male? can find really...I'm not's out there.

·       No Cost - You used to have to pay for quality porn but thanks to juggernauts like YouPorn and PornHub you can get a nice free supply. Sure, some guys like to toss around the big bucks for those full length flicks at Brazzers, but for most of us the 5 minute version is just fine.

·       No Rejection - Seriously, not a single video has ever told me "no".

Free Dating Sites

·       Human Contact - Stroking the sausage is fun and all that, but statistics show that on average a guy will ejaculate from masturbation 2000 times in his lifetime. That is basically once a day for 6 years straight. So every once in a while it is preferable to have someone else lend a hand...or any other body part.

·       Higher Arousal Level - While you can certainly get excited watching porn from a porn site, there is something more erotic about a real woman. Multiple senses get used in sex including smell (hello pheromones) which makes live contact superior to tenderizing the pork by your lonesome. Plus going through the aspects of flirting and foreplay can be nice.

·       Feels Different - No offense to your Fleshlight, but going to pound town with the real deal is not something you can replicate very easily, even if you do go balls out and buy the Jenna Jameson Extreme Doll.

·       Conversation - It can be nice to talk with real people now and again instead of staring at a monitor.

Negative Aspects?

It has to be said, there can be some negativity surrounding free dating sites which is why a lot of guys stick to free porn sites or fall in love with cam girls.

The top of the list has to be the fraud aspect or getting Manti Te'od by a bunch of dudes pretending to be women or some other shady bullshit. Yup, that can happen. Some dudes are dicks that way and try and take advantage of other dudes who just want to get laid. There is also dealing with rejection or not being able to land chicks that are as hot as the ones on porn sites.

In the end it really gets down to personal choice. After numerous sessions of waxing the ole' torpedo, you might want a change of pace and some real contact from a lady (or dude...we don't judge your sexual orientation here at the wall). When that time comes you will want to take advantage of the free dating sites to find some good loving on a cold night.

Look at it this way...after a bad date you still have the option to clean the flagpole one more time to some free porn, right?