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Picking up Girls in Dive Bars


In life I have found that every situation requires a slightly different approach. This ideology is true in the business world as well as the personal world. It might be a slight difference in body language or tone but the overall point is you need to be flexible and adapt to what is happening in the social environment you have been shoved into.

Let's take picking up girls. We have guides on how to pick up different types of women as well as women in different types of places. Why not just picking up women in general? Because if we did then you would be reading a phone book. So many things are situational because the variables involved tend to change the basic emotional state and expectation of a person when you meet them or approach them to pick them up.

The Dive Bar

A good dive bar is a special institution. It can show you a lot of things, especially a good snapshot of society in the area you live in. There will be drunks, functioning alcoholics, and a few different types of women; but it is a great place to pick up a girl for the night.

Ready? Let's get to it!

Step 1 - Dress appropriately. Never try to outclass or overdress for a dive bar. This is business casual at the absolute best. You can look good but go for more of a "just got done doing manual labor" good. Leave the expensive watches and sunglasses at home as well. You don't want everyone to know you are slumming it.

Step 2 - Skip all the sweet talk pandering. This isn't a, "Wow you are so special, tell me what you want out of life," type of situation you are entering into.

Step 3 - Act like it is hanging out with the boys. Drink, play pool, bullshit (with guys and target girls), play darts, and have a good time. If you are digging a girl then include her in your party and take the time to talk with her and get to know her a bit.

Step 4 - Buy drinks. It's a dive bar so stuff is cheap here. Buy her a few drinks and get the ball rolling.

Step 5 - Ask her questions. She probably wants to talk about herself so let her while you listen attentively (and play pool).

Step 6 - Remember this isn't a date. You are flirting to get laid so you need to be interested but not too interested. Keep moving around but gravitate back to her.

Step 7 - Pick good songs to listen to and see if you can get her dancing.

Step 8 - Get a buzz going and flirt like a man. Toss that game out there. Don't be a pussy because those guys go home alone and spank it before they go to sleep. If she is hanging around still then she is interested so crank it up. Get a few kisses and heavy petting in if you can and then...

Step 9 - Close the deal. Don't get too drunk and don't let her get too drunk before you make the move of 'Taking this party back to her place' or your place, or the backseat of your car, or whatever.

The Dive Bar is a great place to go because women there are usually looking to have a good time, know what the hell they are doing, and sometimes are as freaky as all get out. Grab a few boys to go with (wingmen are not needed) to ensure you don't start off alone and then have a good time. You aren't as much picking up girls as you are making yourself available so they can take you home. It's a small distinction but sometimes you just have to understand how it is.