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Netflix BroPicks: Shark Wranglers

Looks like the Discovery channel might have some competition this summer. The new series Shark Wranglers premiered this past Sunday, July 1st on the History channel – undoubtedly a hit for the network. This is a whole series based on great white sharks (not just a week) so there are obvious reasons why bros should be watching this show.


Chris Fischer and his crew of shark researchers will try and figure out the eating and mating habits along with other mysteries of great whites. Their goal is to catch and tag 50 great white sharks within a 40-day period on the other side of the Atlantic. No one has ever succeeded this in so little time. The methods Fischer and the OCEARCH research team use to catch sharks seems crazy at first and will make anyone sit on the edge of their seat. It was the first time I saw people jump into shark-infested waters, swim freely and come face to face with these predators that can grow over 20 feet long with razor sharp teeth.


The team catches and tags each great white with no cages or weapons and aside from that, the crew has to tackle several obstacles. Dangerous weather conditions along with poachers who are looking to make a few bucks from the great whites make things a little more difficult. What guys in their right mind would risk getting bit by a great white? Well it makes for great entertainment and it’s safe to say Chris Fischer and his OCEARCH team has some big cohones. It seems like every week History is coming up with another show made for bros to watch (props to the History channel for upping their game, again).  From Pawn Stars to Swamp People and now Shark Wranglers, what will they come up with next? That’s a solid list of shows made for and yes each show on History is different in some contradictory way; those guys in the swamp are shooting the shit out of gators and now they’re showing people doing the exact opposite to try and save the great white species. You gotta love it.


After watching the first episode, I immediately wanted to see more. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the series premiere of Shark Wranglers, “Killer Catch,” you can see it on the History channel this Saturday, July 7th at 10/9c. New episodes air every Sunday at 10/9c on History. Now, who’s ready to swim in the ocean this weekend?