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Netflix BroPicks for May 10

Another week, another ungodly amount of movies and television to watch. Struggling to pick your entertainment fix for the week? No worries, Manwall has combed through countless great, good, and worse-than-a-Rob-Schneider-movie selections on Netflix and has five more killer BroPicks to get you through the week.


Snatch: Could you have a better guy movie than one made by a guy named Guy? How about one where Brad Pitt plays a foul mouthed Irish bare-knuckle boxer who gets involved in a British gang beef over some serious diamonds? This is undoubtedly the best Guy Ritchie movie out there, and might be one of the best British exports of all time.

Big Daddy: Bring yourself back to a time when Adam Sandler was funny and movies had plots. Not only does it bring you classic Sandler shenanigans when his character adopts a son to get his girlfriend back but we also get to see Jon Stewart act poorly for an entire two minutes. Either way, you have to catch this one if you're a comedy fan.


Sling Blade: In the mood for a really, really dark drama in which Billy Bob Thornton plays a psychiatric patient who was just released. He befriends a kid from the neighborhood and gets sucked into the kid's family drama – not a problem thanks to his fondness for the huge Kaiser blade he keeps. “Though, some folks call it a Sling Blade.”


Kevin Smith Too Fat For 40: If you have never seen one of Kevin Smith's epic speaking tours, you are in for a treat. As it turns out, Kevin Smith is not just a brilliant indie filmmaker but can talk the pants off of any audience. It's not really a movie, it's not really stand up but whatever it is it's definitely worth a watch if you like Smith, dick jokes, and fat guys.


Married With Children: Before Ed O'Neill was Jay on Modern Family, he played a cop on some crappy ABC show. But before that, he was the epically funny Al Bundy – stuck in a house with wife Peggy and his kids Kelly and Bud. If you have incredibly never seen the show, now is you chance to catch all 11 seasons!