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Netflix BroPicks For June 14

With Hollywood studios pumping out crap movie after crap movie, it is getting the harder and harder for a guy to find something to watch.  Luckily, we here at the Manwall offices have been scouring our Netflix Instant Queue to make sure our readers can quickly find the best guy movies and shows available and get right to watching.  Browse no more, here are the top five Manwall Netflix BroPicks for this weekend.

1. Beavis and ButtHead

Beavis and Butthead are back with brand new episodes but if you haven't checked out the classics you are missing out.  Netflix has the first 40 episodes of King of the Hill creator Mike Judge's cult hit series.  You haven't seen stoner slackers until you have seen Beavis and Butthead comment on music videos and seek TeePee for their bungholes.

2. Dilbert

Dilbert gets a bad rep but it's really one of the best workplace cartoons ever made.  Based on Scott Adams' classic comic strip, this show is all about the office antics that any worker can relate to.  Follow Dilbert, his evil sidekick Dogbert, and all of his coworker engineers as the endure life under their pointy haired boss with all 30 of the episodes available for instant streaming.

3. Jim Gaffigan: Mr Universe

Jim Gaffigan is truly one of the funniest comedians around to today and his recent self-produced and self-distributed one-hour special is now available for instant streaming on Netflix. From Disney World to overweight whales, Hot Pocket-enthusiast Jim Gaffigan brings some serious funny in Mr. Universe.

4. St. Elmo's Fire

I have always had mixed opinions about Brat Pack films but after watching this Joel Schumacher classic over the weekend, I just have to recommend St. Elmo's Fire to anyone who has ever felt anything. With Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, and countless others, this is a Brat Pack movie that's way better than stuff you may have watched like Breakfast Club.

5. The Rum Diary

Hunter S. Thompson's classic exploits have been well documented in films like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Where The Buffalo Roam but never quite like this. Johnny Depp stars as Paul Kemp in this semi-autobiographical film based on the classic book of the same name. As with any HST-based film, a drinking and drug binge begins and hilarity ensues.