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Manwall Guide to Playoff Parties


The division championship games are upon us which is a good time to provide tips and thoughts about having your playoff party. If you want to have that memorable and kick-ass party then it does take a little planning. With any luck the result will be a great time for everyone and hopefully some funny video clips of people doing very embarrassing things.

That is truly the hallmark of a great party these days. Having your closet friend making a complete ass of himself while you capture that gem to relay to the world on YouTube is always a golden moment. But before you can get to those funny video clips you need to set the stage with a great party.


Step 1 - Decorations

It doesn't matter if it is the NFL playoffs, an MMA fight, boxing, or any other sport. All decoration starts and ends with your TV. You need to have a quality piece of machinery that can be easily seen by your guests along with great sound. Sometimes even two TVs are needed.

"What about balloons and party streamers?"

Really? Stop reading this now and go get a tattoo of Momma's Boy on your arm.

Step 2 - The Guest List

Everyone cool you know is invited. You can go boys only as well. If you are allowing spouses and girlfriends make sure you try to invite a few single ladies to balance out the room. No buzz kills allowed unless they routinely get smashed and can entertain you (hint: they make prime subjects for funny video clips). Don't forget to invite some neighbors to cut back on noise complaints or parking issues.

Step 3 - Drinks

If it is boys only then grab a growler or keg along with a few cases of beer. Try and be a good host with some variety of types. Some guys like dark beer and some don't. Show a little class by covering all your bases.

Now if it is a boy-girl occasion then you should add some mixed drinks as well plus maybe a few bottles of wine. Margaritas are fairly well received as are daiquiris. Don't forget some soda and water too.

Step 4 - Food

Step it up with a nice buffet styled spread on the kitchen table. Go for lots of finger food so people can enjoy the game or cruise and mingle. Chips & dip, deli platters, veggie plates, and other stuff are great ideas. Maybe toss in some pizza and wings or nachos for big crowds. Add in some cookies for dessert and you are golden. Stack up some paper plates and napkins for people to use and clean up is really easy as well.

Step 5 - Party Games

Before the game kicks in bust out the white board and set up the betting pool. Some light gambling adds incentive to any game. When money is on the line games seem to just get a lot more interesting. In another room you can set up the Playstation or X-box for fun as well. After the game you can keep things rolling with poker or hearts. It gives you a good chance to win back money people won in the betting pool!

Step 6 - Film It!

You want to have a camera or good smart phone with you. Aside from just capturing memories of hanging with friends and having a good time, you need some funny video clips. Hey is that the boss showing off his Dance Party moves on the X-box? You know that has to be captured on film. Or the look on your buddies faces as you win the betting pool on the last second field goal - priceless!


There you have it - The Manwall Guide for Playoff Parties. These six steps are pretty hard to screw up but if you keep them in mind it can make for a great time for you and your friends. Really isn't that what life is all about? Oh yeah, and the funny video clips you can upload here to Manwall the next day that we can all laugh our asses off too!