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Are you masturbating too much?

Wow this question sure gets asked a lot! Why does everyone always want to know if they are liquidating the inventory too often? I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say if you have to ask then answer is probably yes.

But it really isn't a simple question to answer. There are so many variables to consider before you can say what is too much. Are you in a sexual relationship? How old are you? Why do you need to masturbate so much? Are we talking a few times per week, once a day, or once every couple hours?

Facts about Hugging the Hog

Since this is Manwall, this article is geared towards men. We aren't going to get into women and masturbating (as much as we'd love too).

Technically speaking there are no harmful side effects of masturbating whenever you want. But here is what can happen:

- Soreness, bruising (easy tiger), or scraped (always use lube)

- Less enthusiasm for sex with your partner

- Using masturbation as a comfort source

- Issues ejaculating unless it is you holding the sausage hostage

Really it isn't about how often you spank the crank, but more the reason why you are doing it and how it affects your entire life. If you are a single guy in his 20's then more than likely you have a ton of testosterone and get so much wood that a daily toss is almost a requirement just to ease the tension. If that is this case then grab some lube (because you want to keep that skin healthy) and do what you do.

But you might want to be careful about how you go about it. There have been some cases of masturbating too quickly can then create a bit of a "hair-trigger" if you will, when you are actually having sex with a partner. For that reason you might want to extend those sessions a bit to stay in practice, if you know what I mean.

Also there is some concern, and documented cases, of people having a hard time reaching orgasm unless it is their hand on the joystick. What can you do about this? Maybe mix it up with both hands and the stranger? Really not a lot of tips here other than making sure you get laid regularly.

Problems from Masturbating

Now if you are in a relationship then you shouldn't be masturbating so much that it affects your sex drive with your partner. If you are substituting whacking the mole for having sex with a real person then you are doing it wrong. Good sex with a partner beats a date with Fisty Palmer every time. If you guys aren't clicking in the bedroom then work harder at it, talk, share, and find out what makes the other one go crazy.

If you are flying solo then masturbation does lower your testosterone a bit. Those hormones do give a bit of a boost in regards to attitude and desire to look for tail.

The other issue is if you are depressed or upset with life and use masturbation like fat people use eating as a form of comfort. If you have to masturbate to be in a good mood then it might be a sign that your life has other issues that need to be corrected. Using anything (ejaculating, alcohol, food) as a substitute for happiness is never a good idea.

So, are you masturbating too much?

Most experts agree that masturbating once every couple days is perfectly fine for playing the flute solo. Heck for guys with a bigger libido even every day might be fine. But if you are doing it more than that then it is time to really adjust some priorities in life. Sex is only one part of your life and if you are masturbating to the point of it being obsessive or something you would be ashamed to talk to people about then the answer is, yes, you are spanking the monkey too much.