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Is She Faking Her Orgasm?

Oh women are such crafty creatures. They avoid honesty and try to trick us in so many ways. But not in the bedroom, right?


Over 50% of women have said in numerous girly magazine surveys that they have in fact faked the Big O. The common reasons are because 1) they are tired of us rubbing them the wrong way and 2) they want to make us feel like men and not sad because we couldn't satisfy them.

But the thing about a fake organism is if you watch a lot of porn, they are easy to spot. The constant "Oh Oh OH OH!" sure sounds nice but come on; very few women actually do that (but it is awesome when they do).

If you aren't sure here are 5 sure signs that she has had an orgasm.

1.     Her body tenses up all at once. Many guys have experienced this with legs locking around your waist or head, fingers digging into you, toes curling, or when you are going down and she tries to suffocate you by holding you in place. This is the best sign because the actions are so un-natural it is hard to fake.

2.     Her breath changes rapidly. The heart speeds up suddenly and so will her breathing to match with short gasps. This one is a little harder to be sure of because a good actress could fake this.

3.     Her body gets flushed. This is another great involuntary reaction she simply cannot fake. There is a rush of blood after the orgasm that can flush her face and neck as well as other parts of her body. But it is hard to see if the lights are out.

4.     Her body gets tighter. This is my personal favorite because it is easy to feel. Natural as an orgasm hits her vaginal walls will contract around whatever you are stimulating her with. Hopefully you can hang on yourself to make sure she is all the way there because it feels damn good if you are inside her at the time. A lot of men feel her get to that point and lose control but you can't stop until you know she is done and she might be contracting for quite a few seconds - finish strong!

5.     Her "O" face. Oddly a woman's "O" face is usually very non sexy and might look like she is in pain. When a girl is faking she usually won't go that extra mile and show off the "O" face and honestly might not know what it looks like.

Now if you know your girl is faking her orgasm what should you do? The best thing is to talk to her about it. Ask what she likes or to show you how she likes to be touched. Different women are sensitive in different areas and need to be touched in a certain way. You can also check out some of the other great articles and guides about how to please your woman. Trust us when we say a little knowledge goes a long way and the more fun she has the more often you will get to have fun!