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Ascension to Grill Master

"Do or do not; there is no try." Famous words from a little green dude living in the swamp. He probably wasn't talking about grilling but the philosophy still applies. Far too many Bro's just try to grill food. The end result is passable food, sometimes dry, sometimes undercooked, but definitely not the work of a master.

Is the pupil ready to become the master?

If you think that you have what it takes then read on for some of our best tips on how to become the master of the grill. Just because summer is officially over you don't need to stop grilling!

Grill Master Tips

1. Don't marinade with barbecue sauce. The sauce is loaded with sugar that will burn quickly. You don't want that soaked into you chicken or other meats. The sauce is meant for a quick dip before it hits the grill for an outer glaze.

2, Always pre-heat the grill. That means after the coals are hot and in place let the grill itself get up to temperature; this also heats off any germs.

3. Don't oil the grill. That's a clown move Bro. Aside from it being insanely stupid to be rubbing flammable liquid on a grill over a flame, the oil can flare up and burn which doesn't help cook the meat because it burns the meat quickly and is done.

4. Use the foot-long tongs. Don't be a pussy about the heat because if it is that hot then it is too hot for cooking. Longer than twelve inches means less wrist control and you are more likely to flip your meat off the grill or make some other boneheaded mistake.

5. Shut the damn lid! Yes your food does look f*&king delicious on that grill and all men like to survey their work proudly but you get better temperature and heat circulation with the lid shut which helps with cooking compared to just getting flamed on the bottom.

6. The fires of hell are not useful in cooking. You want that temperature just right when cooking meat. If you go too hot you will just sear the outside into a rock hard shell while the inside might end up undercooked. A lower temperature and cooking it longer delivers better taste and quality compared to going all napalm on the meat.

7. Learn when to apply the sauce. BBQ sauce is heavenly so learn when to put it on. It doesn't take very long to cook compared to the meat so try slathering on the sauce near the end of the cook time. That way it doesn't end up all blackened but instead has some nice BBQ flavor to it. Ideally you have marinated the meat and pressed a nice seasoning mix on it which cooks in the beginning, then you add the sauce for the finishing touch.

8. Never cook your fish directly on the grill. You don't want to burn the skin and cook in that nasty smell. Instead cook on a water-soaked cedar plank at around 300 to 325 degrees. You flip the meat on the wood and the wood will still let the heat through nicely.

9. Put a thumb imprint in burgers. This is a nice trick that helps prevent them from bubbling up with juice. Just stick your thumb right in the middle of one side and make a depression then cook that side up first.

10. Use spices and pepper liberally with steak. Add some virgin olive oil and press/rub in the seasoning as a thick coat. Then when you are cooking the seasoning will get seared and crispy when flame-ups occur and not the meat itself.