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How to get Girls to Appreciate You

Oddly enough the ladies usually aren't wowed by use when we do things like belch, watch football all day long on Sunday, constantly update our fantasy league, or ogle ladies while walking around. But there are things they do appreciate. This isn't the usual list of diamonds, roses, and cleaning the kitchen (duh, we know about those).

Nope, this is the more obscure stuff that shows her not only do you respect her, but that you also pay attention. There are things that chicks love when you do them so why not do them more often which makes her happy and by default, you happy.

The Appreciation List!

1. Making plans - Take the time to actually decide what you will be doing. This can be as mundane as picking a restaurant and show for dinner-and-a-movie night to making plans for a romantic get-a-way on the weekend. Chicks flip when we do stuff like this.

2. Include her in projects - Yes we all know she has no idea what she is doing, but don't regulate her to, "Babe can you get me a beer?" Think about it the next time you have a project to do and figure out ways she can help. If she doesn't want to, fine, but more than likely she will be stoked to help. Just remember to be patient and treat her respectfully and not like a bro.

3. Being honest about how she looks - Yeah this is one is really dangerous. She wants your honest opinion but not your 'honest' opinion. That means you should tell her when something doesn't look that great but quickly follow it up with what does look good and why you like that feature about her.

4. Going the gentleman route - This means opening car doors for her, holding open other doors, pulling out her chair, and giving her your coat if it is cold. You can skip that bullshit abut laying your coat over a f*&king mud puddle...never going to happen...steer her ass around it.

5. Listen without giving advice - Women are weird, they like to bitch and moan about a problem without trying to solve it. Girlfriends egg them on about how crappy it is and how that sucked...strange. Guys, we like to offer advice and fix the problem so we don't have to hear the complaint anymore. Whoops, don't do that because then she can't have fun with the drama of it all.

6. Let her hang with her friends - Hell encourage girl nights. You don't want to have to listen to her all the time right? Plus that gives you time to hang with the boys, watch some sports, or cue up some Madden.

7. Be affectionate in public - Hold hands, kiss her cheek, etc. Do the sweet and sappy PG-13 stuff that shows you care and clearly marks to all other women that you are solidly hers. Chicks love that.

8. Communication - This can lead to arguments but hey that happens. It can also lead to make-up sex...bonus! Pretty much don't hold stuff back or bury it and instead make the effort to talk and work things out.