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How to finger a girl?


Show of hands, who likes to slip a girl the digits, if you know what I am saying? I for one certainly do. Luckily I learned at an early age exactly how well utilizing a deft touch could work when it comes to making a girl very happy.

Why finger?

Why not! Here are a few great reasons why learning the best way to finger a girl is a good idea:

·       You have two hands with a lot of fingers. That means you have a lot of variety in regards to size and shape as you can go single, pop the thumb, work the palm, pull a double, go for the triple, and heck use the whole enchilada if need be.

·       It is a great transition. Once you are making out, using your fingers (even over clothes) to gentle rub and tease will get her naked 9 out of 10 times if you know what you are doing. Not only does it heighten her level of excitement, but it gives her an idea that you know what you are doing.

·       You can do it anywhere. Let's face it; taking a trip to chow town really isn't something you can do in a crowded venue. But if she is wearing a skirt a sly bro can easily get her motor running with a deft digit.

·       You can always wash your hands. Honestly, you never know what it will be like when you head downtown and certain patches are not the kind of place you want to get face to face with. When you let your fingers do the walking, you can avoid a potentially fishy situation.

Proper Technique

When answering the question of 'what's the best way to finger a girl' I have to be straightforward and say that there is no single perfect technique. Every woman is special and that is simply because the body is shaped differently and nerves and sensitive spots are never located in the same place; frustrating as hell if you ask me.

·       Start in a palm down position. Personally I always like to go palm down which means my palm is either sliding down her stomach and under her panties or sliding up her thigh. You can still make out and this position allows the most possibilities and less odd angles. 

·       Go slow and take your time. The idea is to warm up the engine. Never be in a hurry to get there because the fastest way to get shut down is by trying to jump the gun.

·       Always tease a woman. Seriously, I have never met a woman who does not like a good tease as you warm them up. Use your fingers and palm to rub and stroke the thighs and pelvis. Avoid the prize and work all around it and then gentle let your arm or hand graze her crotch and watch her writher. Start this when she has clothes on and continue it when she takes them off.

·       Find the clitoris. Is it a magical spot hidden away behind a rainbow? No, but sometimes it seems like it. If you are starting with the 'palm down' technique, start your hand at the panties (or panty line) and slowly slide your flat hand downward until your finger finds a moist, wet spot. From there slowly pull your fingers back until you get to a dry spot which usually has a little budding to it and that is where you want to focus some attention.

·       Use a gentle touch. This is a sensitive area so use a light tough everywhere. If she wants you to go harder more than likely she will let you know.

·       Mix and match. Not every woman is the same. I have been with some who love only clitoral stimulation with my palm. Others couldn't care at all about the clit and just want fingers inside hitting the 'G' spot. So take the time to slowly explore and find out what gets the biggest reaction and then focus on that spot.

What’s the best way to finger a girl? Try different technique when your fingers are inside her.

·       Screw - Middle finger or index and middle finger are used to spin in as big of a circle as you can. Go clockwise then switch to counter and then keep doing it while you go in and out to hit everywhere.

·       Squeeze - Lay your palm on her clit and rub your fingers on the lips and then gentle squeeze your hand so a finger rubs slightly inside her.

·       'G' Spot Tap - From the palm position use either your middle or ring and middle fingers. Go deep as you can and then lightly tap your fingertips against the vagina wall which is where the G-spot is.

·       V for Victory - Slide two fingers inside but as you push further in make a V shape with them. This allows you to hit two opposite spots at the same time, which hopefully she isn't used to.