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How to deal with your Ex


Ex's are annoying. It doesn't matter if it is an ex-girlfriend or an ex-wife because really that distinction is just a matter of degree. So how do you deal with them? Act like you don't see them? Do that 'fake friendly' sort of thing? It can be confusing to decide what is okay and acceptable versus what is not.

But of course we have our opinion on the matter and are more than happy to share it with you.

Thoughts on Ex's

First let's just cut to the chase, regardless of who initiated it your relationship is over. I don't care how much you loved her or how crazy she was in bed (but feel free to send me her number) because once it is over it's over baby.

As we have been taught: "ex" is short for "example" as in your ex is an example of someone who isn't good for you. Thank you BroTips. Another wonderful nugget is: Dating your ex is like re-reading a book; it can be fun, but you already know how it's going to end.

So now that we have established the basic idea (hint: it's over and done) you are ready to move on. See, that is one of the biggest keys why dealing with an ex is so damn annoying. Usually one or both of you isn't over it yet. There is some leftover emotion or bruised ego which causes one or the other to act petty and basically like a douche bag. Don't be a douche bag.

So let's look at some general ground rules that you can easily apply for almost all 'ex' situations (if you share kids it is a bit more complex).

The Ex-Rules

·       If she is crazy just say good-bye and hope you never see her again. Also kiss any of your possessions you left at her place as gone.

·       Return everything that belongs to her. Search your place and make sure you got it all. There should be no excuse for her to stop by or any reason for her to be mad at you. Plus you never want a new girl seeing some other girls stuff.

·       Always be polite. Heck you can even be friendly but be HR work friendly. That means you don't flirt or make any comments that would get your ass fired. No off-color jokes about the past or stupid questions like, "Are you seeing anyone?"

·       If for some reason you hook up, make sure you establish ground rules. "Hey I thought we were just having fun here...we both know how badly the two of us together turned out."

·       Kill her with kindness. If she is a bitch let her be a bitch. She isn't your bitch and you sure as hell don't have to listen to her bitch. But you are a man so you can turn the other cheek and let the world see why you are the better person.

·       Don't date her friends or family. That is just weird. Not so close friends are fine however since you probably won't run into her often. Definitely do not sleep with her mother...that always ends badly (trust me).

·       Get over your ex-girl and get under a new one (hell yeah Bro Tip #2092).

·       Don't waste time communicating. If she sometimes contacts you it is okay to be polite but otherwise don't lead the girl on. Also if she dumped you then let it go. She had her chance and blew it so now another girl gets a shot.

·       Never ever talk crap about your ex unless it is your best bro who won't gossip that noise. A woman scorned can be a real pain in the ass. Karma usually takes care of people and there is no need to help the universe hand out justice.

The bottom line is an Ex is someone you used to know. They aren't the same person that they were when you were together. Something changed and of course now you aren't banging them either. So remember to categorize them accordingly like you would someone from high school or an old roommate. Sure you know a lot of crap about them and have seen them naked, but really how much impact do they have on your life? Not enough to waste time or energy stressing about it.

Always learn from any relationship no matter why it failed. Grow and be a better person. If she dumped you then she can regret it. If you dumped her there is still always room for personal improvement which might help to attract a better replacement.