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How to avoid crazy girls and nut jobs.

How do you know if a girl is a complete nut-job or not? It's not like they have a birthmark or have to announce it like a child molester moving into a neighborhood. Sometimes the most innocent and demure looking woman can turn into something straight out of your worst nightmare in a matter of weeks.

As one poor bro recently found out, if you date a psycho, even just a few times, crazy stuff can happen including being berated on a blog or tattled on for using a company phone. So is there a way to figure out if a girl is a psycho?

The Wrong Way to Deal with a Crazy Girl

Now this story recently hit the news wire about Quin Woodward Pu (yes he last name is a steaming pile of crap), a 25-year old girl who blasted this dude for letting her politely know he wasn't looking for a relationship and didn't want to go out after her birthday party.

Crazy Biatch Pu (as we are calling her) then ranted and raved about this guy making it clear that she didn't give a crap, and by ranting and raving making it very clear that she indeed did give a very large crap, about him because she is obviously incredibly awesome.

She quickly told him off with a sarcastic, "As a 25 year old with two published books and a condo, the relationship I planned between us after two dated was to be the highlight of my life."

Of course after doing some quick research on we find that her 2011 offering, Type A+, has generated 133 one-star ratings compared to 13 five-star ratings for a composite 1.4 star rating. Her other book, Digfast, that has been out about 6 months is sporting an even worse 1.3 star rating. Obviously this girl is in a delusional state.

More than likely the poor bro who felt her textual wrath after two dates did some Google work on her and found these awful books and after reading reviews like, "I would rather have a glass rod shoved up my ass with a hammer then read one more page of the garbage. How narcissistic do you have to be to self-publish two memoirs by age 26 without having done anything of note?"

So he opted to back out of further crazy issues (wisely) by excusing himself from their date with a very polite and reasonable decision via text (mistake).

So what should our Bro in Question have done?

Identifying a Crazy Girl

He certainly did the right thing be identifying her as a nut-job within two dates. So how can you do the same? Look for these indicators:

·       Excessively talks about an ex

·       Has more than 3 cats (or dogs)

·       Overly concerned with her looks and/or looks perfect all the time

·       She can't ever be alone

·       She interrogates you with questions beyond what is normal for first date "getting to know you" stuff

·       She texts repeatedly without receiving a response

·       She Facebook friends you 10 minutes after meeting

·       Constantly talks about how low-maintenance she is or down to Earth; this means she is exactly the opposite

·       She has a dog that fits into a purse and spends more money on it than anything else

·       She's not religious, she's spiritual

·       Excessive bejeweling of stuff

·       Constantly brags about some aspect of her life in a effort to convince everyone that her perceived reality is actual reality

·       Extreme mood swings

Now, observing any of these quirks does not make a girl automatically crazy, however they should trigger further investigation! In the case of our poor Bro it would seem that he investigated her blog or book reviews and decided that dating a girl who is, "A self involved maniac who falls in love with men after a couple weeks and then tries to ruin the guys life after he puts her down gently," would be a bad choice (that is a real review from her book Digfast).

Getting Rid of the Crazy Girl

The problem with a crazy girl is once you get on her radar, getting off can be a bit difficult. Some guys try and use a straightforward approach that seems reasonable. This never works because the girl is a nut-job. What needs to be done is to combat the crazy girl with other odd behavior aspects that she won't like which then makes her decide that she needs to go elsewhere. By not rejecting her and letting her reject you, the crazy post-breakup harassment is avoided.

·       Be a flake - Not even a little bit of a flake but be the biggest flake possible. Double book yourself, reschedule, show up a little late, leave early, etc.

·       Develop IBS - While people have sympathy of IBS, actually hanging around someone who has to hit the can repeatedly every day gets to be quite the pain in the ass...yeah I just said that. Just hit the head and play games on your phone to pass the time. Note the IBS helps with being a flake.

·       Do boring stuff - Note, this is not sitting on the couch stuff, but truly boring things that make people want to stab their eyes out. It's even better if you find something she really hates and you just happen to be incredibly passionate about it. OMG I LOVE POLKA!

·       Be annoying - Make bad jokes, cough up phlegm, develop a weird laugh or anything else to drive her away.

·       Let your hygiene go - Don't shower before a date, wear shirts out of the hamper and always forget to shave or wear deodorant. No worries about embarrassing yourself if you are following tip #3 and doing boring stuff that you wouldn't be caught dead at again.