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Hooking Up On-Campus

“College was the best __ years of my life” is a quote that former students have been saying for decades. It’s because of this quote students continue to make the best of their college years by partying hard and making tons of memories (hence the reason we decided to leave a blank in the quote above).


For bro’s, college is the Mecca for hooking up with as many girls as possible. From the party’s to the bars it’s almost impossible to go a weekend without getting ass. Add drinking to the equation and it’s easy to see how the opportunities are endless.


One thing a group of friends can appreciate is a good hook up story. Chances are you and your college buds will still be talking about that crazy night you had sex with “the sexy freshman” long after it happened. You see, men are always trying to out-do themselves on the playing field, so why should it be any different when it comes to hooking-up with girls? To make things a little more interesting, not talking about in the bedroom, but it’s time to start getting some on-campus ass!


Hooking up with a girl on-campus is risky business. Here are the eight best places to hook up with a college girl, starting with the easiest.


8. The Dorm Building Lounge

What are these things used for anyway? When your roommate’s with a chick this is the perfect solution. Shut off the lights and time to break in those never-used couches!

7. The Laundry Room

This is another good solution spot to bring a girl. Don’t be surprised if the laundry room doesn’t look too familiar (time to start washing your clothes). If she suspects you’ve never been there just do the Jamie Foxx and “blame it on the alcohol!”

5. During Class

Not literally when class is in session. You can pull this one off easier if it’s with a girl you’ve hooked up with before. Send her a text telling her to meet you outside the Men’s Bathroom in five minutes. Make sure to lock the door behind you and go right into a stall. Shut the toilet lid – you don’t want to be gagging during sex.

6. The RA ‘s Room

Bro’s love RA’s for two reasons. One, even if they’re not attractive we will always consider them hot, and two, if you have sex with your RA she will never get you in trouble. Take a walk down the hall and ask her for some “advice.” Once you’re in her room, well that’s up to you.

5. The Football Field

After seeing the movie Dazed and Confused what guy doesn’t want to hook up with a chick on their school’s football field? Go there at night and promise her you won’t get caught – chances are someone is watching, so put on a good performance.


4. The Gym Locker-Room

This is another one that you can pull off with a girl you’ve already had sex with. Girls always feel awkward at the gym. Even when they’re sweating, trying to look good is the number one concern with girls at the gym. Whisper in her ear to meet you by the locker room. Once she’s there jump into a shower and have some fun. If she doesn’t show, don’t get caught masturbating, that’s creepy.

3. The Library

No one expects to run into two people doing it behind the bookshelves. So ask that hot girl who sits next to you in class to meet you at the library to study for the next test. Ask her to help you find a book, which is conveniently on the third floor (the floor no one goes to). Time to make the shit you see in movies come to life.

1. Under the Bleachers

Instead of going to the frat house to chug some beers during half time, take a girl underneath the gym or football field bleachers. This is very risky but if you can pull this one off you will get some major bro props!