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Guide to Online Dating Sites

Doug from Marketing has had a bit of a tough time lately. His wife of over 10 years ended their marriage last year plus we have owned him at MLB the Show for the past month. After a particularly brutal game we decided to just drink beer and see how things were going for him. The conversation rolled around to dating and he confided in us that he had made the plunge into the online dating world.

Unlike most of us, Doug is now a single dad, so between work and spending time with his son it can be difficult to get out and meet women. So he decided to jump into it online and see what the cyber world had to offer. A few more beers had his tongue nice and loose and we were able to get some quality information based on his experiences of the some of the big name sites out there. So like any good friends, we decided to exploit that knowledge and share it here on Manwall!

The Sites: - This is the biggest and most popular site it seems. There are lots of users with fairly good options to complete profiles so you can get a pretty good idea of a person from just their profile. To start you can just make a free account and browse around. But to contact people on certain levels you then have to pay the monthly fee. After you subscribe Match will even send you daily matches of people who gel up with what you like - very handy! Doug's comments: Lot's of nice women but a bunch never responded to me. It seemed like even if our profiles said I was exactly what they were looking for, they also wanted model-like good looks. But it was the biggest pool to swim in.

eHarmony - Another large and popular site. Unlike Match, you need to fill out a serious profile including a psychological questionnaire. They use this to better match people up. Of course there is an immediate cost and you can't just browse. Doug's comments: I gave up after page 3 of like 21 on the questionnaire - too much damn work. Plus a friend told me they were really anal about setting you up and how you contact people.

Plenty of Fish (POF) - It is supposed to be the 'Leading' dating site but it seems to be larger in bigger metro areas. The interface isn't as smooth as Match but they have a 'Chemistry' rating option when you take some of the quizzes. You can browse for free but can't start flirting until you pay. They also have better search options to include intent and last date visited. Doug's comments: It was okay. There were a few different girls here than on Match which was nice but overall less girls. Kind of funny on the profile it shows if you have a car or not.

SingleParentMeet - This site is free to browse after you sign-up. It is billed as a great site for Single Parents. With a specific niche the traffic is much smaller than the other sites. But it also costs less to join. Doug's comments: Most of the girls here were also on Match. Plus in the profile you are supposed to rate your looks. I used Average. I kid you not; every single girl was Good-looking or better even when they obviously were not. Plus some people on there don't even have kids.

OK Cupid - A totally free dating site! Overall it had a lot less users but a decent interface. The crowd was geared more to younger and casual. Big bonuses for being totally free but the matches only work when people are being completely honest. You can makes quizzes for other people to take (women must have made up that feature). Doug's comments: I never used them but since its' free I'll probably make a profile soon.

Doug's Final Thoughts - Yeah I checked out some of those 'hook-up' sites...I was lonely...don't judge me. But they are all crap. Fake users send you messages to try and get you to sign up to a pay membership and they have all these fake profiles up 'in your area'. The only issues I have had so far with online dating is the occasional scammer who randomly contacts me from across the country wanting to meet. Otherwise it has been really easy and fits great into my schedule.

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