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Guide to first dates

Tired of playing the field and looking for a girlfriend? Sometimes settling down with a girl is the best decision a guy can make. It’s really simple if you think about it. Broken down with basic math: guy likes girl so guy takes girl on date and the rest is history. Ok maybe not that simple but the first step to obtaining a relationship is asking her out on a first date.


People go on first dates so they can get to know each other (without screaming in her ear because the music is too loud). When you go on a date with a girl you’re showing her there’s a lot more to you than just doing shots at the bar last weekend. Meeting a girl at a bar is not a bad thing but know there is a much different atmosphere on a first date.  You don’t have to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant with a candlelight dinner to try and impress her. She said yes because she wants to get to know you. A nice restaurant might be your thing – that’s cool, every guy is different. For me, grabbing a couple drinks at a bar/lounge works just fine.


It’s natural to be a little nervous right before your date. That’s actually a good thing. Don’t get yourself so anxious to the point to where your sweating and get pit stains. Keep your composure bro; after all - you want to score a second date, right?


Here are ten things to remember when you’re on the first date.


1. Dress to impress. Even though it’s summer, wearing shorts and a t-shirt is not a good idea. Show her you know how to look good. Iron a nice button down and roll up the sleeves. Throw on a pair of nice jeans and shoes and your good to go. If it’s cold out put on a nice jacket or blazer.


2. Use manners. Thanks mom for all the years you hammered this into my head. Always let her order first. If she’s indecisive on what to order, make a suggestion. This shows confidence which girls love (which you’ve probably heard a million times by now).


3. Don’t drink too much. Try to drink at her pace. The last thing you want to do is get drunk and end up saying something stupid.


4. Never bring up an ex. Speaking of saying something stupid the worst thing you can do is talk about an ex-girlfriend. If she asks about any past relationships, be nice and give her a short answer then change the subject.


5. Listen when she’s talking to you. This might be the most important thing to do. I know girls can rabble on about something that you could care less about. Suck it up and listen to her. Don’t interrupt when she’s talking and respond to what she’s saying so she knows you’re paying attention.


6. Look at her eyes, not her rack. There will be a better connection if you look in her eyes. You don’t want her thinking you’re a horn dog so try your hardest not to stare (I know it’s hard).


7. Put your cell phone away. That person who never calls you back will probably call you during your date. Keep your cell phone in your pocket and either shut it off or put it on silent. You’re here to talk to her, no one else.


8. Don’t go to the bathroom more than once. If you avoid number three (drinking too much) this shouldn’t be a problem. If you go to the bathroom more than once, she might think something is wrong or you feel uncomfortable around her. If you’re in there for more than five minutes she probably knows your taking a shit so try and hurry.


9. Walk her to her car. Even though you’re leaving, the date is far from over. Always walk her to her car. She will appreciate the gesture and feel protected that you made sure she got there safely. If things are looking good, hold her hand – this makes things easier for the last step.


10. Kiss her. She will probably take out her car keys and say something like, “Thanks for taking me out, I had a fun time.” Translated into guy language, “Thanks for taking me out, I had a fun time and I want you to kiss me.” Go in for a kiss, (not a make out session) tell her to get home safe and let her know you will talk again soon.