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Good First Date Ideas

Ah the first date; it is always a mix of excitement, hope, possibilities, and anxiety. Will she like you, will you find out she is crazy, are there going to be things to talk about? Because of all this good first date ideas should include activities that are relaxed and low-key. There needs to be an opportunity to talk, get to know the person, and have some fun.

There are two philosophies you should follow when deciding what to do on a first date:

As Van Wilder once said, "First dates are interviews," and the old British military adage, "Proper planning prevents piss poor performance".

 Personally I like to have a full array of available ideas so if things get boring from the starting point we can easily transition into another activity. Also I like to keep it casual and relaxed which is more conducive to conversation. With those concepts in mind let's get to those good first date ideas!

The Idea List

Coffee - Can it get any easier than this? Talk about the perfect starting spot for a date when you have no idea how things will go. The nice thing about coffee is that it is very easy to disengage from if you aren't feeling the vibe. Plus a coffee shop is a relaxed place to chat and you can people-watch for conversation starters. I recommend a late afternoon meeting preferably in a downtown type area. This allows you to walk around and chat while enjoying coffee and also if things are going well you can transition right into dinner.

Drinks & Dinner - Going straight to dinner can be an awkward proposition. You don't have a chance to talk very much in the beginning because of the menu, drinks, and waiter. So to circumvent that, pick a place with a bar and relax with a beverage and some casual conversation. This allows you to get used to each other a little bit and let the vibe develop. Plus, alcohol helps loosen people up just a little so they can be themselves.

Mini Golf - This is a fun and playful idea that helps get people out of the normal comfort zone. Since mini golf is such a ridiculously silly game it gives people a chance to talk and have a good time. If things are going well you can even raise the stakes on the back 9 and starting playing for who picks where you go for dinner or a first kiss by the windmill.

Cooking Class - This works well with the right person. Ideally you need a date who is outgoing because shy, reserved people just can't get into this idea. The cooking class helps because there is something to do and talk about along with getting to know each other. Culinary schools and colleges usually have them. The added bonus is that you can eat what you create.

The Picnic - Classic, romantic, and always a chill idea. Plan ahead for a nice romantic spot that you have scouted out and know will not be overly crowded. The only hard part is planning what to bring in the basket because you don't know her tastes. I recommend a mix with wine, sparkling soda, fresh fruit, veggies, crackers, cheese, and meats. It is all finger type food and has plenty of variety. After the picnic you can transition nicely into a walk or just get cozy on the blanket.

Ice Skating - This is what we call innocent fun. But it is also perfect for a first date. You have plenty of chances to talk while doing something that provides a distraction so you don't always have the need to keep a conversation going. Plus if either one of you isn't a very good skater you can always hold hand and help each other stay on your feet.

Museum/Art/Aquarium - Surprisingly these are all great venues. You can see some amazing things which provide conversation starters and most places aren't very crowded so you can take your time and walk leisurely. Make sure you do a little background on exhibits and such so you can seem somewhat knowledgeable.

The Theatre - This can be a bit hit or miss, it really depends on the girl and the play. I recommend something funny and uplifting to keep the mood light. But going to the theatre is still classy and a bit different. You can chat before the show and during the intermission with the show itself providing topics of discussion if needed.