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Good Books for Guys

Recommendations for books can be a tricky thing. If you Google something like, 'What are good books for guys' you will get lists that include the 'greatest 100 books of all time' and other literary lists. Now I like literary classics as much as the next guy, but should that really be included in our short list of things to enjoy while we are on the throne?

No judging on where I do most of my reading; those of you without kids have no idea how little privacy you get. So I like to grab a book for my private times; can you blame me after taco Tuesdays?

We compiled a list of good books for guys. Our criteria are good authors, interesting stories, and anything manly. Sports stories and information are always high on the list as well as funny books and things involving guys kicking ass.

The Manwall Reading List

Survivor: A Novel - By Chuck Palahnuik - This is the same dude who wrote Fight Club so you know this will be a wild ride.

- The Jefferson Key - By Steve Berry - An action thriller that includes real life history into the paranoia. Very interesting plot and idea.

- The Big Sky - By A.B. Guthrie Jr. - A classic American Western style story about life in the early Midwest.

- Neuromancer - By William Gibson - One of the best Sci-Fi novels in the past 20 years, hands down.

- Friday Night Lights - by Buzz Bissinger - The book that launched a movie and TV show.

- Five Lessons - By Ben Hogan - Timeless instruction from one of the greatest golfers ever. The tools are more advanced but the fundamentals stay the same.

- The Games that Changed the Game - By Ron Jaworski - Just a great book about modern football.

- Muhammad Ali - By Thomas Hauser - One of the best sports biographies about the greatest boxer of all time.

- Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - By Robert Pirsig - It will make you think about your life.

- The Maltese Falcon - By Dashiell Hammett - Classic detective story.

- The Black Company - By Glenn Cook - Gritty fantasy novel that set the tone for 'realistic' fantasy stories.

- Killshot - By Elmore Leonard - Great characters and a suspenseful thriller.

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - By Douglas Adams - Great sci-fi that is very funny, unlike the movie they tried to make.

- The Big Book of Sex - By Men's Health - Yup.

- The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - By Edward Gibbon - History, dudes in armor with swords, enuff said.

- Assassin's Apprentice - Robin Hobb - The beginning of an incredible fantasy series that follows the life of a young boy who follows a strange apprenticeship.

- I Am American (And So Can You) - By Stephen Colbert - Hilarious political styled satire.

- Earth (The Book) - By Jon Stewart - Another comedy piece that sums up the human race perfectly.

- Storm Front - By Jim Butcher - The first in a unique series of fantasy books that pits a Private Investigator Wizard against the evil forces of the world from modern day Chicago. Any of the books in this series are recommended.

- The Spy - Clive Cussler - Another classic Isaac Bell adventure set in the early 1900's. Just a great character and wonderful, engaging writing.