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Giving the Ladies What They Want

We have been putting quite a few Bro Guides up about how to find and get women; but what about those guys who have women? Sometimes we men have a tendency to fall into a comfortable pattern after getting the girl. With that pattern becomes habit, comfortableness, and then of course the dreaded doldrums!

The complaints in this area go both ways. Women complain that we get bored and don't want to go out as much anymore. We would rather just sit on our asses and watch TV. That is true sometimes. On the same token we complain that women nag too much and don't give us sex like they used to. Also true sometimes.

So what can you do about it?

They key to not falling into a regular habit or rut is purposely avoiding it. Yes, after you get past dating and into a relationship (or marriage) things change. Everyone takes the time initially to put more effort and time into dating and then scale back effort after they land that special someone. It is a weird thing but priorities shift and some needs, like a career or kids, move up to the front. But if you really want to have a great relationship you need to overcome that. If you don't, then why the hell are you in a relationship in the first place?

Keys to Breaking the Rut

·       Think about it every week - Decide every Monday, what can I do to have fun with my girl this week? It doesn't always have to be the 'big gesture'. A middle of the week lunch picnic is just as good (or better) than a classy dinner out. Go to a drive in movie and make-out for hours.

·       The Goodbye Kiss - Learn how to give great goodbye kisses. Imagine when you are kissing her before you go it's not a chore but that you are trying to get sex. Give her that good, long kiss that conveys all the hope and passion you had the first time you locked lips. Kissing is fun anyways.

·       Send Random Notes - This can be a text or e-mail. Not something like "I'm horny" but seriously a nice love quote or a simple "thinking of you" is great. Again this doesn't have to be every day but it is nice when you are both at work.

·       Figure out fun ways to have sex - By this we mean instigate it. Maybe play a game of strip mini-golf in the house. Give her a random massage one night and let it turn into something more. Do exactly whatever the hell you would be doing on the third of fourth date and you were trying to get in her pants for the first time.

Now this is earth shattering stuff here. Honestly these are all the things you did when you were dating. But trust us when we say, if you give her this kind of attention you are going to get just as much back or more. When both people care about each other and show it, everything in your life will be better.