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Funny Video Clips of the Week!

Yup it is that time again! We have scoured the internet for funny video clips that make you laugh and sometimes go, "What the f&*# were they thinking?" They say laughter is the best medicine and here at Manwall we fully endorse that concept. Enjoy the afternoon laughing your ass off to our selection of funny video clips that we found during the week. No stone is unturned as we look for something to make beer shoot out of your nose!

We popped around the net looking for some of the more interesting and amusing funny video clips and this is what we came up with. As usual feel free to rate, tweet, or share this stuff with your Bro's.


This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is always a great place to start!


50 Shades of Blue is a short movie from Funny or Die that features Selena Gomez:



Were you ever curious about How Girls Pack? Let this cutie explain it to you (language): 

This is the world's smallest fire truck:


Parking Douche - a new must have app for your phone in the UK:

The Super Streaker! This guy was unstoppable (nudity):


Who Needs a Parachute? Not this stuntman who does his best flying squirrel impression:


Know about any funny video clips we missed? Send them on over or just post them to the Manwall so everyone can enjoy them!