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Fashionably Bro

The Manwall Guide to not looking like a tool.

There are definitely Do's and Don'ts to dressing these days and how you look. Most guys want to look cool. But at the same time we are rather lazy and don't want to spend hours getting ready. The whole 'metro-sexual' thing has run its' course followed by the mildly interesting 'hipster' craze and now we are back to where we always are; stuck in the middle of trying to look good but not take much time to do it.

So the guys at Manwall gathered around during lunch and tossed in their 2 cents on all things Bro. We took the good tossed out the bad, and laughed at the ugly. Here is what we came up with.

Hair - Doug from marketing stressed that hair should be worn 'high and tight'. Of course Doug is mostly bald. However he makes a good point. If you are losing your hair then skip the Trump-like comb over and trim that stuff down. Buzz it tight and deal with it. For those who do have hair the rules are 1) use product 2) don't go with a mohawk 3) longer than Tom Brady is not okay 4) the Bieber is NEVER okay.

Shoes - This is one of the first things women look at, per intern Ashley. Since she was the only girl in the group we naturally were skeptical at first but then bowed to her knowledge. "Guys need to have a few pairs of shoes," she told us. "They should match the occasion and be clean like wearing casual dress shoes on a date and not always sneakers."

Clothes - Always clean! No holes on anything but jeans. The general rules are if you have an athletic build then wear tighter (but not Jersey Shore) clothes to accentuate your body and if you are heavier then use slightly looser (but not poncho-like) clothes. Also short is always bad. Pants and shirts that are too short and end up showing ankle and belly buttons remind us of Erkel.

Undergarments - Stop going all white! You can wear socks with color and no tighty-whities! Also no holes or worn out socks or briefs. Go with something stylish and bold!

Accessories - Belts are cool with some style. Ties (when appropriate) are nice but skip the gimmick prints until you are over 40 and getting gifts from your kids, suspenders and ascots will get you shot, and hats should only be worn if it's cold. Yes cool guys can pull off a hat but they know how - if you aren't sure then you don't.

Hygenie - Ashley piped in again with a few gems. If guys have yellow teeth, don't floss, bad breath, dirty nails, or gross dirty hands then it doesn't matter what the hell they are wearing or look like. "No man is getting a gross mouth or dirty hands on me". Good point from the intern so she stays on another week!

These are just rules to avoid looking like a tool. If you are still having problems figuring out what to wear grab a Abercrombie and Fitch catalog or something like GQ and copy what those model guys are wearing. If you just want to wear what you like then you should be fine as long as you follow these rules and don't shop religiously at K-Mart or Wal-Mart or really any store with the name "mart" in it.