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Fantasy Football 2012 QB Draft Picks

Oh the excitement is in the air! With the pre-season halfway done we are just about ready to kick off for some real football baby! Of course that means that people are either drafting or getting ready to draft their fantasy leagues.

Clueless about who you should be drafting this year? No worries, our crack staff is ready to help with our fantasy analysis.

About Your League

The most important thing you need to understand is how your league does its' scoring. That will impact exactly how you want to draft and who you want to draft. In standard scoring systems running backs are usually predominately the most valuable asset but lately some leagues have adjusted scoring a bit making the quarterback the premier spot. Look at your league last year at the end of the season and see who the top 20 scorers were and mark the positions they play. That should tell you who you want to grab first from a position standpoint.

Lately as running backs have shifted to 'situational' and 'by committee' the top 3-4 QBs have been worth more than the top 3-4 RBs. If that is the case in your league then buck the wisdom of RB first and grab the guy who puts the most points on the board every week.


Just a few notes here about what and why we have going on. First Cam Newton had a great rookie year but I don't see him getting so many rushing scores this year or playing from behind as much. They have 3 solid backs now. RGIII looks prime to be grabbed way too early but he won't live up to the hype. Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger look ready for some bad games with very shaky O-lines. Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, and Matt Cassel all look ready for improvements that could be fantasy gold. Sleepers? It is hard to say with so much fantasy coverage these days but Andrew Luck looks like he might be putting up some impressive numbers as well as Carson Palmer.

1. Aaron Rodgers - Top 3 passer with great weapons and no real great running back

2. Tom Brady - Top 3 passer with great weapons

3. Drew Brees - Okay you get the idea here...these top guys are all great to have

4. Matthew Stafford - Throws to the best WR in the game

5. Cam Newton - Worried he won't have the same stats as last year now that people are more aware of him, but still damn talented

6. Matt Ryan - Everyone is suddenly high on him because Julio Jones looks great

7. Eli Manning - Clutch passer with great WR's

8. Michael Vick - Durability is the big concern here

9. Peyton Manning - New system will take time but he has weapons and will be dangerous

10. Jay Cutler - Reunited with Brandon Marshall and will be ready to light it up

11. Philip Rivers - Always a solid choice, hopefully he cuts down on those INTs

12. Matt Schaub - Looks fully recovered from last year and is surrounded by talent

13. Tony Romo - Big concerns with the line and his TE's health.

14. Joe Flacco - Poised for a breakout year with the defense looking shaky he will need to turn it up

15. Ben Roethlisberger - Worried about the new offense coming in and the running game issues

16. Carson Palmer - I have him higher than most because that offense has huge points potential

17. Andrew Luck - The defense sucks and Luck has looked great in the pre-season so he will be throwing a lot

18. Robert Griffin III - He won't be Newton or Vick but the running numbers puts him here as a great backup with homerun potential but not a starter.

19. Sam Bradford - How good will the young WRs be?

20. Andy Dalton - He needs a solid number 2 WR if he wants to move up the board, and not playing the Steelers and Ravens 4 times in a season

21. Matt Cassel - Looks like he could rebound nicely without Todd Haley around, he has great weapons and you could easily draft him 3 slots higher and hope for a big comeback

22. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Worried about last season fall off and lack of reliable WRs

23. Josh Freeman - He now has 2 good WRs but can he hit them

24. Alex Smith - I so badly want him to erupt now that he has so many weapons to throw too

25. Jake Locker - Looks like a pretty solid rookie and might be a strong surprise

26. Matt Flynn - WR corps looks bad which limits him

27. Mark Sanchez - Uh yeah...TD numbers will be down as Tebow vultures them        

28. Christian Ponder - Not many good receiver options

29. Brandon Weeden - Looks good but everyone is untested

30. John Skelton - Arizona is a scary fantasy place these days

31. Blaine Gabbert - Unless they have a great RB, Blaine will be facing a lot of pressure

32. Ryan Tannehill - Just not enough talents on offense to rate him higher

These are our top fantasy football 2012 draft picks for Quarterbacks. What do you think? Are we full of it or will this help you capture fantasy gold at the end of the year?