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Fantasy Football 2012 TE/K/DEF Draft Picks

As ManWall continues its in-depth Fantasy Football 2012 Draft Guide, we are down to the nitty-gritty; the Tight Ends, Kickers, and Defenses. Honestly most people just shove these positions off and assume that any old guy will do, but if you draft well in these 3 slots they can totally make or break your season. Case in point, last year I picked up David Akers and the Gronk in my leagues and rode those hogs to be wins.

We will break down all three categories rather quickly so pay attention because it's going to get messy! The top 3 to 5 guys in each category can be reached for because there is so much parity in wide receivers and running backs after the top guys are gone. A top guy is usually worth quite a few more points of the season so snagging them can really be worth it. But don't grab them way too early.

Tight Ends

This position includes about 4 must get guys and then a bunch of middlers of which one will break out and have a huge season. The problem with this position is that you can never figure out who the hell that will be. I highly recommend reaching for one of the top 3 guys. Gronk and Graham can be taken in the top 20 to 30 picks because they actually put up numbers that compare better than a lot of wide receivers. If you see one of them go then snag the other pronto!

1. Rob Gronkowski - Super high energy and motor

2. Jimmy Graham - Easily could be the number 1 TE

3. Antonio Gates - Healthy for the first time in years which makes him dangerous

4. Aaron Hernandez - Had better numbers than Gronk the first few weeks of the season

5. Jermichael Finley - Should be full speed now but loaded team

6. Vernon Davis - Hopefully deep threats open up the middle for him

7. Brandon Pettigrew - Megatron draws double coverage which gives him open looks

8. Brent Celek - Vick is learning how to use his TE in the West Coast system

9. Fred Davis - Great ability but RGIII is a rookie

10. Jason Witten - With injury history I think people reach for him way too much

11. Owen Daniels - Fully recovered and easily could put up top 5-10 numbers again

12. Tony Gonzalez - Reliable

13. Greg Olsen - Has a great QB and will give a few big games

14. Jacob Tamme - People assume he will be Dallas Clark but he isn't Dallas Clark

15. Jermaine Gresham - A lot of talent, a possible sleeper to explode

16. Jared Cook - Has put up good numbers but will depend on the QB

17. Marcedes Lewis - Had a break-out year then slumped, dump-pass offense could make him a sleeper

18. Ed Dickson - Bye week replacement

19. Dustin Keller - Has had a few big games but QB is inconsistent

20. Coby Fleener - Huge sleeper potential

21. Heath Miller - Bye week replacement

22. Any other starter...


Like Tight Ends the top few slots are always taken by either high scoring offenses or teams that stall in the red-zone and have accurate kickers and tough defenses (the Ravens are a prime example). If you can't get a top 5 guy then get a very accurate kicker and a sleeper back-up on a team that could have red-zone problems.

1. David Akers - Scoring might be down but this coach doesn't play risky

2. Sebastian Janikowski - Anything inside of 60 yards is in range

3. Stephen Gostkowski - High scoring offense

4. Mason Crosby - High scoring offense

5. Garrett Hartley - High scoring offense

6. Dan Bailey - Suspect red zone team

7. Matt Prater - Denver altitude means more 50 yarders

8. Alex Henry

9. Jason Hanson

10. Matt Bryant

11. Rob Bironas

12. Randy Bullock

13. Greg Zuerlein

14. Robbie Gould

15. Lawrence Tynes

16. Neil Rackers

17. Mike Nugent

18. Connor Barth

19. Any other starter...


The same story goes here as the other categories; the top few slots are the best and can be reached for a bit. Beyond that you are completely guessing. A younger team with a solid defensive coordinator who is known for playing an aggressive scheme will get more sacks and interceptions. Also a team with a great return man (Chicago) is always a great investment even as a back-up.

1. 49ers - Returning the entire starting unit and very aggressive

2. Eagles - Great for sacks and interceptions

3. Steelers - Getting older but still potential

4. Bears - Great all around play and return game

5. Texans - Up and coming

6. Ravens - Aging but dangerous...could be a boom or bust

7. Patriots - Restocked but with rookies

8. Packers - Attacking style

9. Giants - Great pass rush

10. Jets

11. Cowboys

12. Seahawks - Potential sleeper

13. Cardinals

14. Falcons

15. Lions

16. Chargers

17. Titans - Potential sleeper

18. Bills

19. Chiefs

20. Broncos

21. Rams

22. Dolphins

23. Crapshoot....