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Dating Tips - Avoiding the "Friend" Zone

You have been patient, understanding, and there for her when she needed you. After other guys have treated her badly you have stood proudly, as a shining example of modern chivalry; a man with manners who respects her. Then while having lunch together, as you are slowly working up the nerve to ask her out, it happens.

She looks deep in your eyes, pats you on the hand and says, "I am so glad to have you as a friend!"

Oh no...cockblocked!

What the hell happened? You did everything right, right? You were a good listener; you were sensitive, supportive, and caring. You showed her how dependable you are and listened while she bitched and moaned about all these guys who treated her like crap. The whole time she kept whining about wanting a guy who would do exactly all the things you did. WHAT THE HELL!!!

The problem is that while you have been getting closer to her, her defenses are coming down because she doesn't view you as some sexy man. The more she shares and treats you like a girlfriend, the less attractive she finds you.

But...but...she said that is what she is looking for?

Sure, but all women say that. There is a certain ideal that women always say they want, yet time and time again they go straight for the ruggedly handsome guy who seems indifferent to her needs.

You have to realize that after you become a friend it is almost never going to turn into her getting lonely and suddenly humping your brains out one night. We have all seen enough of those movies to realize it never happens. Men and women view things differently that way. Men would almost always sleep with any of their female friends who are single (and probably some who aren't if they think the guy is a douche bag). Women, however, hardly ever think about a guy 'that way' after he has been labeled a friend.

So if your ultimate goal it to be with her then you can't slip into that friend zone.

So how do you get out? It is time to change the game plan. These rules also work for anyone trying to avoid falling in the friend zone.

·       Be unpredictable and adventurous. Reliable is boring, spontaneous is sexy.

·       Chat up other girls around her. It is weird but the more attractive you seem to the group, the more she will want you. Go ahead and go on dates too. The more unavailable you are, the more interesting you are.

·       Be stylish. This goes for how you dress and act. Boring and button-downed screams "buddy". Some sit-ups and push-ups wouldn't hurt either.

·       Don't agree with everything she says. Argue, disagree, and don't hold back. Friends hold back and pander to other people's needs. Don't be a dick, but don't be a "yes man".

·       Don't talk to her like a friend. You don't need to listen to her talk about other guys.

·       Don't show her your vulnerable side. Women like strong men. Yes people who have been together for years share and talk about serious stuff, but no right out of the gate.

Follow these rules and hopefully you can stay out of the friend zone, unless you want to be there.