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Date Etiquette - The Contact Rules

It's time for another addition of Date Etiquette which is also known as "Stuff you should know by now". That probably sounds a little harsh but for good reason. People who don't know these rules need to learn them or else suffer the possibility of missing out on the ladies.

Think we are being dramatic? Of course, but that is what you do with anything that concerns women!

So for Contact Rules we meet e-mailing, calling, texting, and anything else that you do before the first date, after the first date, and pretty much up to the fourth or fifth date. By that point you are pretty much her boyfriend and you should have a good idea what is acceptable and not acceptable to her.

The Rules

1.     It doesn't matter how you initial made the date (online, conversation, e-mail), but after the date is set you shouldn't annoy the crap out of her with texts or emails saying how much you can't wait to see her. Ideally you have exchanged numbers so sending her a text on the morning of the date to confirm is fine.

2.     Now if she starts contacting you then it is acceptable to reply to her. But, don't go overboard. You don't want to build things up too much before the actual date. If you blow all your good material now then you are doing your back-up stuff on the date.

3.     After the date if you like her, tell her you will call her. Then do it. For a second date a text can be okay but really you should be man enough to dial the digits. You don't have to wait 3 days, but at least one day minimum so you don't seem desperate.

4.     If you didn't set any plans and you like her then wait until the next day to text a nice simple message. Something like, "I had a really great time last night and would like to go out with you again." Don't text her 5 minutes after the date and don't include the word 'love' in your texts. Again, this looks super needy and desperate. You should be confident.

5.     If she doesn't respond, don't blow up her phone! You have no idea what is going on and you don't want to be a desperate idiot. Give it a day or two and then maybe send a second text. If she doesn't respond then move on and don't worry about it.

6.     When she agrees to the date (think positive) then you have a bit more leeway for calling, texting, or emails because there is a little something there and she wants to see you again.

7.     Now the next part is tricky. Some girls like to text a lot and some don't. Bottom line - you are cool and confident. You do not need to respond to her first message in 5 seconds. If you start a conversation then sure she doesn't have to wait. But don't initiate a text conversation every single day until the next date with things like "Thinking of you" and the like. A couple of those are fine but go overboard and you look crazy.

8.     If you get to a third date, then you are in good shape. Now you are approaching the 'puppy love' phase where you will probably exchange more messages. It is cool to use some smiley faces but again don't go overboard. Ladies like sensitive, love confident, and loathe guys who are needy or clingy.

So what have we learned here? Do not appear needy! There is no reason to send a ton of messages, stalk her Facebook, send countless emails, etc. Be a man and send a polite message that shows you are interested and think she is great and let it naturally progress from there. If it is going to happen, it will happen. There is a reason why you never hear stories about how a guy sent 50 desperate texts to a girl after the first date and she eventually married him for his persistence. It just ain't happening Bro.

"If you've got the time, give her a phone call. Texting is like, the handjob of conversational methods."

~Bro Tip #166