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How to Save Money on Expensive Clothes

Usually everyone wants to look good. That rule applies to girls and guys these days. But between spending money on your car, video games, going out, and beer that budget can be stretched a bit thin for the ole wardrobe. But let's face it, shopping at Wal-mart and Costco for clothes is not an option; I don't care if Mitt Romney is a millionaire and says he does it, those threads are crap.

Thank goodness Manwall's crack team of experts has taken some serious time and effort (no really, we actually did this time) to come up with a great strategy and some top notch ideas on how to save money on expensive clothes. Spoiler alert; it does not include shoplifting!

How to $ave Money on Expensive Clothes

Really learning to save money in any area involves a combination of things that put together add up to bigger savings. So let's review some basic concepts that any Bro can easily apply (good thing because we are pretty lazy) to help his wardrobe!

Step #1 - Only spend money on quality threads. The brand name might make some people swoon but if the quality isn't there then forget it. You want clothes that last, aren't difficult to care for (because that increases the total cost), and also look good.

Step #2 - The expensive things should be the staple items. Your suits, shoes, ties, and belts should be the quality pieces of a wardrobe. Jackets, sweaters, and occasional other pieces of the wardrobe get added into the mix as well. When you are shopping these are the big game targets because they will be the more visible part of your wardrobe. Other things like socks, dress shirts, jeans, and casual shirts can be middle of the road items. Most people can't tell the difference between a $25 dress shirt and a $60 dress shirt so why spend that extra money when it can go somewhere more useful?

Step #3 - Always price compare. Usually we men are rather lazy when it comes to shopping. We make a list of want we want, go to one store that carries stuff, find it, and buy it. While that is very logical and simple it also is not very cost effective. You can easily go online and check out prices to see when a store has sales, look for coupons, etc.

Step #4 - Never pay full price. If you are then you are doing it wrong. Coupon sites are everywhere so find some and use them. That 40% off means more beer money Bro.

Step #5 - Check the knock-off stores first. Places like TJ Maxx or other retailers that sell discontinued stuff are kind of like hitting a garage sale where you are looking for some hidden gems. You can seriously get some great deals on shirts, socks, and other non-staple items here as well as the occasional staple item.

Step #6 - Shop out of season. Always keep an eye out for pieces to make your wardrobe better even if it is not the right time to actually wear it. When is the best time to get sweaters or a new winter coat? That would be spring when stores roll out new inventory and mark stuff off 50% or more to move it.

Step #7 - Hit thrift stores. Yeah, some thrift stores suck but the ones in rich neighborhoods are goldmines. Many an ex-wife has been known to donate all of their cheating husband's threads to get them out of the house. You can find some great things in places like that.

Step #8 - Take good care of your stuff. A big secret on how to save money on expensive clothes? Extend the life of it by taking care of those threads! Polish good shoes once a week. Use saddle soap to keep belts clean and conditioned. Take suits to dry cleaners. Be careful washing and drying your clothes to avoid ruining things. Heck, learn how to sew to fix minor problems. A penny saved is a penny more towards the next Gears of War game.