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Bro Guide to Wedding Crashing

"It's Wedding Season, kid!"

...and with those immortal words thousands of single men (and some married men) were taken on a wild uninhibited journey into the world of Wedding Crashing. The hosts in the movie, Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson guided us along many ideas and ins-and-outs of how to enjoy yourself and even perform a crash.

From them we learned countless rules (seriously like over 100 rules) which may or may not still technically work. Obviously the popularity of the movie has in essence cock-blocked some of us from trying it. Or did it?

Recently I sat down with this cute little wedding planner and proceeded to buy her drinks. After a while we began the most interesting discussion about wedding crashing and what people should and shouldn't do. She has actually had to throw crashers out, so really this is some top level experience talking.

Here is what I learned:

·       You want to target a venue that has more than one event or function happening at one time; like a hotel or resort where you can blend more easily as a general guest. Secluded locations such as a winery that isn't open or other private spots make you stick out more.

·       Wait until all the escort cards are taken at the registration table and then you will find out who the people who RSVP'd but did not show up are. That allows you to find the empty tables and place settings more easily.

·       If you are trying to crash the whole wedding you need to have a copy of the guest list. Wedding planners usually know it backwards and forwards including last minute confirmations so do your homework!

·       Side note: if you can try and hook-up with the wedding planner in which case she will be too busy to throw you out. But don't try this maneuver until late in the reception when she isn't focused on work as much.

·       Alternatively you can show up after the reception has started when dancing is happening already and enjoy food and drinks when people are less likely to care. Plus the planner is busy moving gifts and paying off vendors.

·       No toasts! Wedding planners and DJs are usually ready with a script to follow for the reception and you don't want to draw attention that way.


.....and if that is not enough I also have included my personal favorites from the movie. These are all gold gentlemen so make sure you follow them!

Top 10 Rules from Wedding Crashers

1.     Never leave a fellow Crasher behind. Crashers take care of their own.

2.     Never use your real name.

3.     Make sure there's an open bar.

4.     Blend in by standing out.

5.     Be the life of the party.

6.     Whatever it takes to get in, get in.

7.     Invitations are forpussies.

8.     Sensitive is good.

9.     There's nothing wrong with having seconds. Provided there's enough women to go around.

10. Don't over drink. The machinery must work in order to close.


Just to be safe make sure to watch the first half of Wedding Crashers again to get last minute coaching from the masters. Then head out there and crash it baby!