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Bro Guide to the Sex Den


Here at the Manwall offices we just finished watching a few funny videos, one of which was an episode of Khloe & Lamar. Now if it wasn't work related I would never, ever, admit to watching that show. Kardashians tend to scare me and most 'Reality TV' does as well. But, my boss had an idea after checking out this episode where Khloe builds a "Sex Den" to keep things spicy with her man.

Honestly out of the funny videos we watched this one was humorous simply because as 'sex dens' go, this one was pretty lame. I think that was my exact phrasing of the comment during the video that spurred the boss to say, "Fine then smart-ass, you design a better one and write an article about it or something!" I wonder if he really meant it? Oh well, either way I bravely did the research and am now ready to share with the Manwall readers.

Do you want to put a little spice back into you sex life? Try some of these ideas to turn your bedroom into a Den of Debauchery (sounds like an evil villain's lair).

Lighting - It's all about the soft lighting. The best option is small votive candles with small glass holders. You wander colored glass like a deep red. A nice scent is something with cinnamon. If you need something brighter use lamps but switch bulbs to low wattage, soft light styles. Also you can drape a gauze scarf over it to dim things down a little more. Make sure it doesn't touch the bulb itself and burn the whole flippin' house down.

Furniture - If this room is all about sex then you need a nice big bed with soft sheets and not much else. Maybe a few side tables for candles and spots for 'toys'. Also you need a nice sturdy chair with a soft cushion. This should be more like a dining room chair style to handle some more creative action. If you have the funds you might even peek at a TantraChair.

Tunes - Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and those other smooth tunes can set that mood so make sure you set a nice playlist and have a place to plug in your MP3 player.

Sex Swing - Hey if it works for a Kardashian we might as well toss one in the sex cave as well right? You can pick up a nice door swing which is great so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting in the bedroom!

Love Cushion - They have all sorts of names but basically they are big triangular shaped cushions that allow lazy people like me to position your girl more comfortably.

Lotions - Lube, lotion, or whatever you call it comes in more options than deodorant these days. But hey, anything to make things smoother and more fun in bed! Flavored, scented, and more. Organic discover G-spot gel? Maybe I should sample some of this stuff....for purposes.

Stripper Pole - Hey, you never know if she will unless you ask, right? Make sure the camera is rolling and worst case you get some funny videos out of it.


Okay so honestly most of this is stuff Khloe had, but they key is presentation. Get some nice soft, silky robes. Maybe some bottled water and towels. Why not a mini-fridge with whip cream and chocolate syrup? Turn the lights down low, the music up a little bit and lead her into your den of debauchery. Oh, and unless she is into that sort of thing, don't bring a camera crew like Khloe did. Yes i makes for funny videos, but it just kills the intimacy of the moment.

Regardless of what you actually decide to do, any of this stuff can spice it up in the bedroom. You might be surprised to find that your partner is more 'outgoing' that you thought and you just had to shake things up a bit to get her started. It's the quiet ones that end up being the kinkiest!