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Bro Guide to the Beach

Beach season is upon us once again. It's time to take off the shirt and show the girls the body you've been working hard to transform. But when you're at the beach, is a good body the only thing the ladies will be focusing on? Afraid not. Girls are attracted to a lot more than just your body.


Don't worry if your muscles aren’t up to par with the other beach goers. Girls at the beach are looking to hang with their friends, have fun, and of course show off their curves we've been waiting to see for months. Getting aroused on the sand is as natural as hitting puberty. Whether you're ready for it or not, both guys and girls are imagining what the opposite sex would look like naked. It's time to show them you can do a lot more than stare.


Going to the beach prepared will score you and your friends major bonus points this summer. It makes all the difference from getting a phone number to upping your numbers in the bedroom. Having the proper setup, along with the right beach attire, will result in almost any group of girls wanting to join the fun.


Here are five things to know before going to the beach.

1. Don’t over dress.

The way you present yourself on the beach is key, so don't mess it up by looking like one of the Jersey Shore cast members. Light colored t-shirts or tank tops (not wife beaters) are always a good choice for the summer months and are good for showing off your tan. Don’t bring nice shirts to the beach, from personal experience they tend to get lost, ruined or even stolen. Board shorts are great because they are comfortable and simple. Make sure you don't buy a bathing suit with the netting inside. You don't want your balls to be sweatier than they have to be.

3. Always bring sunglasses.

Girls love a man who can accessorize--it shows a good sense of style. Sunglasses are a must. Even if you don't need them just throw a pair above your hairline to show you have them. When you walk past or approach girls, make sure to wear your sunglasses (you don't want to get caught staring).

4. Take care of yourself.

Some bro’s prefer to go to the beach without sandals, which is fine, but sneakers are an absolute no-go. If you don't like the feeling of splinters or hot sand, it might be a good idea to pack a pair of sandals. Bring some suntan lotion to avoid looking like a lobster; you don't want to be that guy who always asks to borrow some from your friends. Don't worry if you forget a towel, the sun will take care of it.

5. Have a good set-up on the sand.

Coolers are essential at the beach. You and your friends should never leave the house without one. Fill up your cooler with ice and get a good amount of beers and you should be set for the day. A beach chair is also a perfect thing to bring so you can sit and relax without getting covered in sand. Just make sure you grab a solid colored one and not one of mom's polka-dotted or flower covered chairs.

6. Supply the fun.

Beach games are equivalent to one of your good-looking friends--they're always a good time and all the girls are attracted to them. Even though there is nothing sexier than a girl throwing a football, you've got to get a little more creative when it comes to your beach games. Inviting some ladies to play a game like Kan Jam or Cornhole is the easiest way to show them you're a good time. Games like this consist of teammates standing on opposite sides of each other, the perfect opportunity to get some one-on-one time and flirt with your opponents. Make sure you're not too competitive--that can backfire fast.


So there you have it. Your day at the beach just got a hell of a lot better. It's a time to hangout with your friends and talk to some girls. Just remember the beach is not a bar or a club, so don't use creepy pickup lines to try and talk to the ladies. Just relax, spark up a simple conversation and offer to play some fun games and drink some beers-after all it is the beach.