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Bro Guide to Subtle Flirting

Everyone knows what flirting is. Girls do it and guys do it all the time. But, most guys use more of a blatant style of flirting. It is very obvious. We are totally throwing that game out there full force because we don't want those lucky ladies to possibly miss out on the chance of basking in our presence.

A little egotistical, I know, but you need to have a healthy ego for flirting.

The problem is, obvious flirting isn't as effective as you might want it to be (unless you are blessed with some model-like good looks). That is where the Subtle Flirt comes in.

Subtle Flirting

Subtle flirting is basically a toned down version of regular flirting. The idea is to either go in at 30 to 40% normal flirting level or to mix and match by occasionally showing some game and then mixing in a normal vibe. It's very good for:

·       At work

·       The boss's daughter

·       Your sister's friends

·       Anyplace you frequent a lot

Why use subtle flirting? Blatant and obvious flirting is fine at the club, at a party, when you are on a date, or one-time locations but not when you have to repeatedly see people if you get shot down. Let's say you are hitting on a hot girl at the office and she gets annoyed. You might get a quick trip to HR. Or even worse she spreads the word around about how annoying you are by hitting on her relentlessly. Even worse than that is when she totally shoots you down and then you have to awkwardly see her every day.

The Art of Subtle

·       Always start with a smile. A nice smile is always appreciated and usually contagious.

·       Make some solid eye contact. You don't want to be creepy but make sure you are giving them some level of attention.

·       Always have something to say. There should be some reason for the interaction and it should be real instead of a made-up instance; but then slip in a compliment that is appropriate now and again.

·       Be playful. Using the occasional wink, half-heartedly throwing something, showing mock hurt, or just being funny all work well. It shows you are relaxed and fun.

·       Be confident. Confidence is the absolute king for picking up girls no matter what.

·       Give and go. Never ever stay longer than a few minutes. This is the opposite of being blatant where you hang around forever. Leave her wondering why you left and if you were flirting or not. You always want to leave them wanting more.

·       Never directly ask them out. They can be invited for a group outing like, "Hey have you ever been to XXX for lunch? A bunch of us are heading over later if you want to come along." Now if a girl starts tossing rope out there hinting for a date it is perfectly fine to grab a hold of it.

The best way to describe subtle flirting is being charming all the time. You breeze into a situation confident and happy with a smile on your face. You are friendly and funny with all of the girls and dole out compliments equally. But since you are not pushing hard it sets a different tone. Then girls start talking about you in the positive light of, "He is so charming," or "He is such a flirt!" Those are both great ways to be viewed by groups of women.

It is actually pretty amazing how easy it is to get dates after you master this subtle art. Plus there is less fear of rejection because you aren't laying it all out there. It is more like casting your line and constantly moving it around the fishing hole. The girls are going to see the shiny lure and at some point a few are bound to try and chase it down.