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Bro Guide to Stepping it up in Bed

Alright, every guy wants to satisfy a woman in bed. Even those dudes who say they don't care about her and it's all about them are full of it. Why? Because guys know if you satisfy a woman then she is going to want you to come back again and again as long as you can make her come again and again. Plus we have egos and like to be the best.

The stats don't lie; studies have shown that about 70% of all women have faked an orgasm at some point in time. To avoid having your girl fall into this very sad statistic you need to make sure that you are stepping up your own game. Trust me when I say if she is enjoying herself regularly then you definitely will too.

Step #1 - Confidence. You need to feel like you can take on the world. Being timid and shy just does not get it done. Even if she is a tigress in the sack you still need to be a tiger to give it back to her because women love a confident guy. No, not everything will work in the bedroom to please her, but knowing that you have a bagful of tricks to use to get her there helps belay the fear that she isn't having a good time in bed.

Step #2 - Masterbate - What? No really, you need to get a firm handle on yourself before you do on her. The first part is practicing actually doing it for awhile. If you typically knock one out in a few minutes then when you are with her your body will expect to react the same. Practice taking your time for more staying power. Next, make sure you take few days off before date night so you are running on full steam. If you can snap your finger and have a massive erection then feel free to ignore this advice.

Step #3 - Foreplay. Way too many guys skip past foreplay and get right to stuffing the salami in any available hole. That is a pretty big mistake. Yes, she can still get there and sometimes that is what she really wants, but usually a woman like to get warmed up properly. There should be a lot of kissing/making out and you should at least be a gentleman and use your fingers and tongue on her to warm up the runway before you decide to take off. It is even better if you can get her there once or twice before you even actually are having sex.

Step #4 - Listen to her. This might be verbal cues (words/moans) or they way she shifts her body. While you are making out and touching her with your fingers and tongue she will naturally respond and let you know what she likes and doesn't like. Take notes and keep doing what she likes and stop it when she doesn't. With any luck she might even use a hand to guide you to a better spot which of course you should instantly do.

Step #5 - Slow down. Faster is not always better. Be like a great pitcher when you are 'on the mound' and use your fastball, change up, and slider. Not only can this help you control your pace but it can also driver her crazy.

Step #6 - Be creative. Different angles and positions are always a good thing to try. Missionary is not a requirement every time you have sex. Hell, grab some whip cream in a can and get crazy. Being adventurous creates excitement and breeds confidence.

Being the best lover in the world would be a nice goal to have but it really is not that necessary. There are plenty of guys who suck in bed already which just means the bar is already low. So step up your game and enjoy the exponential results you get as you become the best she has ever had. That of course helps with her wanting to keep having sex with you because she enjoys it so much.