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Bro Guide to Smelling Good

You know what is a great compliment to get from a woman? "You smell really nice." Because that means she has already gotten close to you and is probably considering getting closer!

Men have known about this idea for a while, but far too many guys seem to be taking the concept way too far. You know who you are. Some of you use far too much Axe body spray or 5 or 6 squirts of cologne. Guys, that doesn't work. You can't overpower the ladies with that scent like that. When you use too much it creates a skunk-like effect that drives them away.

So what should you do?

Basics of the Man-Scent

Step 1 - Shower daily. Sometimes you can skip but for the most part you want to wash off that funk. If you hit the gym or are engaged in any sort of serious physical activity make sure to shower before you go out with her. Yes, chicks dig that manly scent sometimes...but not often enough.

Step 2 - Use a body wash. There are a ton of great options out on the market. Make sure to focus on your arms, shoulders, chest, and neck and just let the wash sit for a minute or two before washing it off. This lets the scent sink into your pores a bit more as well as the hair. The nice thing about a body wash is it is subtle. If she can smell you across the room (from either b.o. or cologne) then it will overpower her up close. But a body wash gives her a little surprise when she gets close.

Step 3 - Wear clean clothes. Seriously guys don't pick up stuff off the floor and just give it a sniff test. If you are then use something like Dreft or an actual clothes freshener. Again, Axe spray does not mask those scents like you think they do. You can spray as much perfume on garbage as you want but it is still garbage.

Step 4 - If you feel like you have to use aftershave or cologne there is a 1 squirt rule. For cologne simply give it one pump in an open space and walk through the mist. You want to be subtle, not overpowering.

Step 5 - Use gum or a Mentos. Even if you brush your teeth earlier in the night a little extra kick is always a good idea. Obviously at the bar while drinking you can't mix it up, but in other situations having fresh breath is always an advantage.

Women like good scents. Plus they help with memory retention. So do you want to be the guy that is associated with being that smelly guy or would you rather be known as the guy who smells really nice? Gentlemen, you make the call.