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Bro Guide to Shoes

Yeah, that's right; this is a guide to shoes. No we haven't gone off the deep end here at Manwall. In fact this type of article is exactly what you should be reading. Why? Because this is the kind of stuff that helps with the ladies.

Knowing what to say, who to approach and where to find her are definitely important parts of meeting a hot girl. But you also need to look good. Unless you have somehow been blessed with the natural looks of a Ryan Reynolds or the natural style and innate coolness of a James Dean, you could probably use a few tips.

I'm sure you are saying, "I shouldn't have to dress any different to get girls." No, ideally you shouldn't have to but this isn't a perfect world. Of course it would be awesome if women just found us attractive in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Those are comfortable clothes. But women sometimes enjoy a man with some fashion sense who isn't afraid to dress it up. One of the most important fashion spots she is looking at is your feet.

Most guys don't pay much attention to this but women seem to be fascinated (weirdly so) with shoes. Obviously they buy them like crazy and wear all sorts of insane styles but they also toss that judgment on us as well. They check ours out all the time. So what are you wearing on your feet?

Here are the basics:

Guys should have at least 6 pairs of shoes. That isn't a typo; you need different shoes for different things. More is better just for variety if you can swing it. Here is the list.

·       1 Pair of gym/exercise shoes - If you are a runner you might just naturally have more. But no matter what your workout shoes are just for working out. They stink and aren't meant for going out.

·       1 Pair of casual sneakers - There are a lot of styles available now but basically this is your going out casual styled shoe. It should look good with jeans, shorts, and khakis (if you wear them). More in this area is better.

·       2 Pairs of black dress shoes - These should be worn with slacks, khakis, and sometimes when you want to dress up your jeans. Why two pairs? Variety. Mae sure to pick 2 different styles (or more).

·       1 Pair of casual brown shoes - These can be somewhere in between casual and dressy as well. A lot of guys don't go with brown but it is a nice change of pace. They go great with jeans for the casual look.

·       1 Pair of nice sandals - Flip flops are great at the beach, lake, or river. But if you are going to rock that look anywhere else make sure you have some nice sandal styled ones instead. We don't mean anything lame as they can look just like nice leather flip-flops, but a woman will know you didn't pick them up at Wal-Mart.

See that wasn't so bad. Most guys have at least half of these shoes in their closet already. Overall it is a pretty small investment in money and effort to make a nice change in your look. Women check out our shoes all the time. You might as well give her a good impression rather than a bad one. Just make sure you pick shoes that are comfortable and well made so they last. Oh, and don't forget to grab some stylish socks that aren't white; you aren't your dad.