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Bro Guide to Second Dates

Okay at some point you got the digits and managed to score a second date. More than likely after some small talk, continual flirting, and hopefully fun you scored a solid good night kiss to go with a promise of seeing her again sometime. So now what?

Well if you like the girl then it is time for the second date. But unlike a first date, which comes with its' own set of rules, the second date is its' own entity.

Second Date Checklist:

·       Do you like this girl?

·       Did she give you the go-ahead to call her for a second date (or something similar)?

Alright then, you are ready for a second date. It's not always rocket science people!

Step #1 - Get some good ideas set for possible dates. Unlike a first date, a second date can be a bit more relaxed and casual, yet still fun or romantic. A lot of it depends on your comfort zone. A picnic lunch in the park, wine tasting tour, or other types of things can be considered because she has gotten past the initial 'meeting you' phase which is best in a less intimate area.

Step #2 - Call her and ask her out. Now a lot of people may think that a text, email, or FB message is acceptable but I don't. If you really like the girl then give her a call. The exception is the day after text. That is where the next day (from the first date) you send a text that says, "I had a great time last night, I would love to go out with you again sometime." If she responds positively to this then you have the green light and hopefully a dialogue going.

Step #3 - After checking her availability; surprise her with one of your super smooth date ideas. Don't tell her the plan, but take her on an adventure. Girls love a guy with a plan and a little romance. You might need to have some backup plans ready in case you find out she is a vegan or hates a certain activity, but a few well placed questions can help figure that out.

Step #4 - Bring a single flower. This is a little old school for some people but the idea is solid. A full bouquet might be a bit much but a single rose or carnation can make one heck of an impression when you greet her at the door and present it to her.

Second Date Tips:

Check Your Mood - People often reflect the moods of those around them. If you go into your date relaxed, happy, and ready to have to have fun then more than likely that type of positive vibe will rub off on her.

Contact - It is the second date so you know she has some level of attraction to you so make sure to utilize that as you look for ways to create body contact. This shouldn't be creepy. Give her a hug when you meet to break the initial ice. Body contact shows a level of intimacy so go for the hand holding, the light touch on her leg or shoulder, and other types of signals to show your interest.

Be Outgoing - Show off your personality to her. This is the time to find out more about each other and she won't get to know you unless you show her you. By the same token this should make her more comfortable so you can learn more about her.

Kissing - Don't be afraid to jump in with a mid-date kiss if things seem to be going well. To start with, it takes the pressure off the goodnight kiss. Secondly it changes the tone of the date a little much like when you bridge the gap with contact. Just make sure to start slow with a soft kiss and don't try and clean her teeth for her.

Be a Gentleman - A simple rule is to be respectful and do the proper things such as opening doors or pulling out chairs. Manners are important.

Compliments - Make sure to let her know she is special and why. Compliments should be genuine but make sure not to go overboard and hit the creepy zone.

Be Yourself - If you are actually looking to start something with someone then you should show who you are. Giving a false sense of the type of person you are is just a waste of time because she will get to know the real you eventually. You might as well just find out if she likes that person upfront.