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Bro Guide to Relationship Priorities


Recently my female friends bombarded me with a lot of flack about how bad some guys are at relationships. Being a good Bro, I took notes, defended my boys, and promptly wrote this article in response to their complaints. Now I didn't do this for brownie points with these ladies. No, I did it because apparently some guys need to get a clue about relationships so I don't have to spend my time politely nodding to a group of women that I'm not sleeping with while they bitch and moan about you bastards.


So here is the big secret that all women seem to want men to understand; they always want to feel like the top priority in your life no matter what!


Typically we are fixers and problem solvers. If the lawn needs to be mowed we do every Saturday like clockwork. If the sink starts leaking we put a bucket under there and get to it when we get tired of emptying the bucket. But we don't walk around checking on everything all the time; that just isn't how we roll.

Women often complain that they feel like a relationship slips into a crappy place. They get fed up and just as they are about to leave the man does a quick 180 and suddenly is exactly what she wants. Then after she decides to stay and things mellow out, he goes back to the way he was before. Obviously, we saw a problem, fixed it, and now that things are back to normal we shall ignore you to watch sports.

But that isn't the best way to have a real relationship.

If you are actually taking the time to create a 'relationship' with someone else, then don't do the minimum. Being in a relationship with the right person is completely worthwhile and they can give you things nobody else can. But, if they aren't worth it then simply don't waste your time and get out of the relationship. So if it is serious and she is worth it then do these things regularly to let her know you care. I guarantee it will make your relationship better. That in turn means less tension, a better vibe when you are together, and of course - more sex!

Ways to show her that she is #1

1.     Kiss her every morning like you are trying to get laid. Forget that weak 'peck' stuff. Go for the passionate good morning kiss. Maybe it will lead to sex....

2.     If you don't live together then make sure the first thing you do when you see her is give her a nice, long kiss.

3.     Learn to listen without trying to help. Women like to complain about problems. Men try to fix problems. This causes a problem because they don't want to hear our solutions, they want to hear, "That sucks," and get some sympathy like their girlfriends do.

4.     Send her random texts during the week that include things like, "Thinking of you" or other cute stuff with a smiley face (which are totally legit).

5.     Buy or pick her flowers at least once a month for no reason what-so-ever. Mark it on your work calendar ahead of time so she never knows to expect them. The randomness is what makes it special.

6.     Let her pick a show or movie and start with, "What do you want to watch tonight?"

7.     Make out at least once a week. I don't mean start kissing and try to have sex either. Seriously, just plan on making out on the couch or somewhere else like you are at Inspiration Point. If it leads to the point is to just kiss her a whole lot.

8.     Try and give her at least one good compliment every other day. Make sure it is sincere.

9.     Go out at least once a week (or every two weeks if you have kids). Keep that relationship fresh with date nights. Remember to be spontaneous and fun. Try and do the type of things you would do for dates when you were trying to impress her.

10.  Hold hands when you are walking together. You will be amazed how much this is appreciated.

11.  Always ask her if there is anything she needs a hand with and then give her help before just plopping down to do your own thing.

12.  Make eye contact when talking with her so she knows you are giving her attention (you can pause the game with a DVR).


This stuff really becomes second nature if you care about someone. It is like cleaning the gutters or changing the oil in your car. Doing the small things regularly prevents big problems later. But if doing these things is just too much of a pain then maybe it's time to re-think whether you should be in a relationship or not with this person.