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Bro Guide to Practical Jokes

There is something special about pulling a really good prank. Obviously you want to get a ridiculously good laugh about it. But, some pranks are so good, so funny, and so special that they become immortalized. That is probably the true reason most people pull a prank. They want a legacy.

With recording devices so small and readily available now (such as your smart phone that you are reading this from) now you can easily record an epic prank and then share it with the world after capturing those funny video clips. This gets you A) attention and B) more people laughing at whomever you pulled the prank on which makes this C) well worth your time to do!

But you need some good pranks to pull to make those funny video clips! Ah, we got that covered...

Practical Joke Rules

1. Do not do anything stupid that will get you arrested, permanently injure anyone, or psychologically scar someone. A prank is funny; all of those things we listed are not.

2. Do get it on video. If possible send it to us or post the YouTube link or just link to the funny video clips!

3. Proper planning prevents a piss-poor prank.
Prank Ideas

1. I see dead things - Get a fake dead bird. Find an open box of something of your roommate like cereal, crackers, etc. Place fake dead animal at the bottom of the bag. Wait patiently.

2. Coat the kitchen with Crisco - You can do a hallway if it is wood or tile as well. This is a great idea on a night when people are out drinking and you know they will come home loud and plastered. Spread a nice thin layer on the tile or linoleum and set the camera up in the corner. Make sure to take anything breakable off the counters nearby just in case.

3. Going crazy - This is a long gag but really funny. Get yourself a digital recorder and set it to record for 8 to 12 hours then place it outdoors nears a birds nest. Your goal is to record birds chirping constantly. Now take this recorder and hide it in your roommate's room and turn it on before they get home. Day after day re-start it when you can and even move it around in case they start searching. It will slowly drive them crazy. Make sure to keep the volume very low so it is subtly annoying.

4. Peanut Trick - Offer your friends a bowl of peanuts. After they start eating a bunch say you have a funny video to show them. The video is you eating peanut M&M's and spitting the peanuts into a bowl. Wait for the response and facial expressions.

Kick it up a notch? This time offer them vanilla pudding. Then show them a video which has you facing away from the camera and masturbating (or faking it). Then show you making the pudding and stir in some fake semen to the pudding while reading a semen/pudding recipe out loud. This will cause vomit.

5. Habanero Hits - Get a hypodermic needle and fill it with Habanero extract. Inject the fluid directly into anything your friend eats such as fruit or coffee k-cups, etc. Priceless!

6. Hello Blondie - Mix in blonde hair dye (or go dark) into their hair product. You really need to find some fast acting stuff that isn't permanent.

7. The Tattoo - This takes some planning. Get a few really good looking temporary tattoos. When you go out with a friend who gets shitfaced and passes out apply the tattoo to their back like a tramp stamp (hearts or butterflies for the win!). If you want to add some realism you need to make it hurt to the touch (Indian burn!). The next morning make up a story about how he insisted her get that tattoo and you couldn't talk him out of it and enjoy the reaction.

These are just some ideas but you can see where we are going with this. Can you do better? We would love to hear about it!